Finding My Mojo

On Monday I was packing my bags for Maui!  Well I am here and it’s no joke that the training is intensive.  I’ve not yet seen much of the island yet as I’ve been in a classroom for 11 hours a day.

So why on earth would I travel half way around the world to one of the most beautiful places on earth just to be seeing the inside of a classroom.

It’s because I have invested in myself.  I don’t think about how much this is costing, but rather how much this is going to make me.

So far I haven’t been disappointed and what I am learning is going to allow me create a 7 figure business.  As long as I take ACTION.

I certainly will take action but the hidden benefit of coming on one of these masterminds is the people you meet.

I am surrounded by 6 and 7 figure earners who I can now count as friends and people I can call on when I need advice or guidance to help me further my business.

2 weeks ago I completely lost my mojo and I was feeling overwhelmed and blue – check out this this brief Facebook live video for the full story.

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