The Election is over – Forget the Doom and Gloom


The Election is done! Meanwhile the world still turns……

So, Theresa May took bad advice in calling a general election.

All is not lost, Theresa still has the upper hand to get on with Brexit, give it a couple of years and we can stop paying exorbitant amounts to prop up the failing EU (The Evil Empire, in my view) and we can use this money on our own infrastructure, help the NHS and other essential areas.


The Sun is shining! 😊

It’s a beautiful day.

If you choose to see doom and gloom…

guess what happens….

Doom and gloom is all you’ll see.



The good news is you get to decide….

Make your own way in life, it’s not difficult, you have a computer and an internet connection, the world’s your oyster.

Re-educate yourselves, build your own future.

Learn by reading the right books, listen to podcasts.

All of the information you need to build yourselves a great future is out there for the taking.

You will never be taught this stuff in formal education… It’s mind blowing what can be achieved… Only if you have the will to do it.

Forget university fees and starting life in debt…

You don’t even have to be that tech savvy to find the way to future wealth and security.

You don’t even need formal qualifications.

Forget the welfare state, and wanting to continue your life as an average wage slave, that’s up to you.

If you have a dream, then make it happen.

Forget the criticisms of friends and family… You can do it. 

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