Robert Kiyosaki – Why Savers Are Losers

Robert Kiyosaki savers are losers

The wealthy use Gold to protect their assets.  Check out this short video clip of Robert Kiyosaki who explains why.

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Eric Worre – Network Marketing PRO Wears a HELO

eric worre helo

I’m guessing you may have heard of Eric Worre, he’s a big deal in network marketing. So when Eric Worre wears the HELO, you just know it has to be great! Eric Worre has been a leader in the Network Marketing profession for 28 years. Although he’s now retired from being a distributor and focused exclusively…

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What is Germanium? How Does it Benefit Us? HELO


I had never heard of Germanium until I got my first HELO.  You see it comes with Germanium stones in the strap.  Now I have seen some amazing benefits of Germanium myself, and in this 2 minute video – I talk about how the Germanium stones have benefitted my circulation, and where I used to…

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Limited Time Special Offer on HELO LX

To celebrate the launch of the new HELO LX Wor(l)d GN have a set of amazing offers which last until the end of January. You have until 30th January 2017 to order and take this advantageous offer. Order the HELO LX family pack: Includes 6 HELOS (1 Free LX + 1 Free Classic) 5 Germanium…

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HELO Can Help People With Heart Conditions

heart conditions

If you have loved ones with heart conditions, you understand the worry connected with that.  Hoping that they will be ok when they are not with you.  Worrying that they might over-exert themselves (particularly children who do not fully understand the seriousness of their condition). Just imagine if you could keep them monitored and get alerted…

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Great News for Diabetics – No More Pricks!


The creators of the HELO  – World Media & Technology Corp. (“Wor(l)d”) –  have developed a new technology that will help diabetics and test blood sugar levels in a Non Invasive manner (no more needles!!!!). This technology is to be added to the HELO wristband so that it can continually monitor blood sugar levels and…

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Why I Wish I had a HELO When I Was Pregnant


When I was pregnant I experienced low blood pressure which I really knew nothing about until after I had passed out. Not really ideal, as I was working throughout my pregnancy and driving!  (Although my lovely husband soon put a stop to that – but it was difficult to get lifts when he was working).…

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3 Reasons You’re Struggling In Your Opportunity

If you’re struggling in your opportunity, there may be many reasons, but often these are the main ones.  So stop being hard on yourself and realise it is extremely common!  Let me help you move onwards and upwards. In this Facebook live – I go into the reasons why you might be struggling in your opportunity.…

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How An Online Business Helped Me Find Myself

Find Myself

Looking into the face of another mother – I was haunted.  She reminded me of a woman that used to look back at me in the mirror 2 years ago.  She reminded me how it felt to be completely lost and defeated.  It made me feel so grateful to my business that helped me to…

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My Online Marketing Story. Struggle to Success

I wanted to tell you about on my Online Marketing story. You see I was struggling… Badly! I spent so much money trying to get traction in my affiliate marketing business.  I got my Facebook Ad account banned.  And getting leads was just so ridiculously hard and EXPENSIVE!!! Does this sound familiar?  Then you really need…

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