Become a Gold Saver – Secure Your Future

Karatbars Gold Savings

Become a Gold Saver…. Karen’s Bit. Sorry, what? Oh come on who doesn’t love a bit of blingy gold? Yes it’s true, you can save gold gram by gram and get rich doing it….! So not only are you saving your hard earned cash in the most sensible way and protecting yourself from economic crashes.…

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World Affairs From The Sage Grandad


Hi Everyone, it’s Ken the Sage Grandad here. Wacky World. Just because I am taking a couple of weeks away from home, I have not stopped turning out blog posts. I have just had a rant on FaceBook about the sick bastards, that perpetrated the atrocity on children and their parents in Manchester. I find…

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Know, Like, Trust – Why it’s Important to do Videos

know like trust

Know, Like, Trust – The Attractive Character. Nothing new about know like trust folks, this ethos has been used for hundreds of years. Think about it, why do you go to a particular shop, hairdresser, and many other local services. It’s because you know, like and trust their products or the service they provide to…

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HELO – The Most Advanced Wearable Technology

HELO wristband

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones. in my series of “Sage Grandad” blogs on our website. I talked about wellness, both the physical and financial. I dealt with surviving long retirement periods on conventional pension schemes and how the devaluation of paper money would lose it’s value over a 20 to…

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Surviving Retirement – Our Solution

Golden Nuggets

Surviving retirement – Our solution. One of the biggest issues we have today is being able to survive retirement. Why is this? With advances in medical science improving year on year, most of us are surviving 20 to 30 years from our retirement age. What’s the problem with this? From my own history, the pension…

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Depression Another Taboo Subject – My Story

Depression the Black Dog

Combating Depression – My Way Today, I am following up on my Prostate Awareness Blog and talk about Depression – The Black Dog. In my blog about Prostate Cancer, I told you how lucky I thought I was, as without that diagnosis and the following operation, I would never have known about my serious heart condition.…

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Prostate Cancer

Get Real Guys. A serious message from “The Sage Grandad” Be aware of Prostate Cancer. You know what, for a few months men have been private messaging on FaceBook about prostate cancer suggesting we should only share this with other men friends on FaceBook. Well – I think this is total bollocks. Why do I…

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