Know, Like, Trust – Why it’s Important to do Videos

know like trust

Know, Like, Trust – The Attractive Character. Nothing new about know like trust folks, this ethos has been used for hundreds of years. Think about it, why do you go to a particular shop, hairdresser, and many other local services. It’s because you know, like and trust their products or the service they provide to…

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HELO – The Most Advanced Wearable Technology

HELO wristband

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones. in my series of “Sage Grandad” blogs on our website. I talked about wellness, both the physical and financial. I dealt with surviving long retirement periods on conventional pension schemes and how the devaluation of paper money would lose it’s value over a 20 to…

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Depression Another Taboo Subject – My Story

Depression the Black Dog

Combating Depression – My Way Today, I am following up on my Prostate Awareness Blog and talk about Depression – The Black Dog. In my blog about Prostate Cancer, I told you how lucky I thought I was, as without that diagnosis and the following operation, I would never have known about my serious heart condition.…

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Prostate Cancer

Get Real Guys. A serious message from “The Sage Grandad” Be aware of Prostate Cancer. You know what, for a few months men have been private messaging on FaceBook about prostate cancer suggesting we should only share this with other men friends on FaceBook. Well – I think this is total bollocks. Why do I…

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What is Germanium? How Does it Benefit Us? HELO


I had never heard of Germanium until I got my first HELO.  You see it comes with Germanium stones in the strap.  Now I have seen some amazing benefits of Germanium myself, and in this 2 minute video – I talk about how the Germanium stones have benefitted my circulation, and where I used to…

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HELO Can Help People With Heart Conditions

heart conditions

If you have loved ones with heart conditions, you understand the worry connected with that.  Hoping that they will be ok when they are not with you.  Worrying that they might over-exert themselves (particularly children who do not fully understand the seriousness of their condition). Just imagine if you could keep them monitored and get alerted…

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Great News for Diabetics – No More Pricks!


The creators of the HELO  – World Media & Technology Corp. (“Wor(l)d”) –  have developed a new technology that will help diabetics and test blood sugar levels in a Non Invasive manner (no more needles!!!!). This technology is to be added to the HELO wristband so that it can continually monitor blood sugar levels and…

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Why I Wish I had a HELO When I Was Pregnant


When I was pregnant I experienced low blood pressure which I really knew nothing about until after I had passed out. Not really ideal, as I was working throughout my pregnancy and driving!  (Although my lovely husband soon put a stop to that – but it was difficult to get lifts when he was working).…

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Why Introverts Succeed In Online Business


So, you’re an introvert, and you wonder if an online business is for you…….   Let me tell you why online business is a perfect fit for introverts like you. Firstly though, I want to discuss what introverts are.  What is it that makes you an introvert – how you get your energy – and…

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Own The Greatness Inside You….

Own the greatness inside you

Do you get those days when you just know there is more to life?  You know you have a gift inside you want to share, but you feel stuck.  You feel you have a greatness inside you but you don’t quite know how to express it and share it with others. I know exactly how…

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