HELO Can Help People With Heart Conditions

heart conditions

If you have loved ones with heart conditions, you understand the worry connected with that.  Hoping that they will be ok when they are not with you.  Worrying that they might over-exert themselves (particularly children who do not fully understand the seriousness of their condition). Just imagine if you could keep them monitored and get alerted…

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Great News for Diabetics – No More Pricks!

diabetics blood sugar

Great News for Diabetics – No More Pricks! The creators of the HELO  – World Media & Technology Corp. (“Wor(l)d”) –  have developed a new technology that will help diabetics and test blood sugar levels in a Non-Invasive manner (no more needles!!!!). This technology, a firmware update, will be added to the HELO wristband so…

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Why I Wish I had a HELO When I Was Pregnant


When I was pregnant I experienced low blood pressure which I really knew nothing about until after I had passed out. Not really ideal, as I was working throughout my pregnancy and driving!  (Although my lovely husband soon put a stop to that – but it was difficult to get lifts when he was working).…

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Why Introverts Succeed In Online Business


So, you’re an introvert, and you wonder if an online business is for you…….   Let me tell you why online business is a perfect fit for introverts like you. Firstly though, I want to discuss what introverts are.  What is it that makes you an introvert – how you get your energy – and…

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Own The Greatness Inside You….

Own the greatness inside you

Do you get those days when you just know there is more to life?  You know you have a gift inside you want to share, but you feel stuck.  You feel you have a greatness inside you but you don’t quite know how to express it and share it with others. I know exactly how…

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Live Your Best Life

live your best life

Do you ever get that wake up call?  That shocking piece of news that shakes you to your core?  The news that makes you send love out into the universe for the people effected?  The news that makes you count your blessings?  The news that makes you realise life is too short – you are…

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Confidence Tips From A Shy Girl

Confidence tips from a shy girl

Do you wish you had more confidence?  Do you think that your life would be better if you could feel more confident at work or in social situations? Do you wish you could get confidence tips from someone who understands how you feel, and has been there? Well, the good news is; Confidence can be…

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3 Litres of Water – The Ultimate Anti Ager?

10 years younger

How drinking 3 litres of water a day for a month could transform your face Is this proof that hydration is the ultimate anti-ager?  Can 3 litres of water a day really make you look 10 years younger? Sarah Smith, the subject of a Daily Mail experiment last year which has been republished on Natural…

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Why You Need to Nourish Your Soul

We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide nourishment for the soul

Do you regularly feel tired, depressed or just not right?  Are you doing the right things eating well and looking after your body, and yet you still feel, well, like everything is a bit of a struggle?  The truth is – you need to nourish your soul. A month ago I was having these issues.…

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Essential Oils for Weight Loss

essential oils for fat loss

In this article, I am going to discuss the best essential oils for increasing your metabolism and helping with fat loss and weight loss. Cinnamon Oil Cinnamon oil balances out something in your body called the glucose tolerance factor (GTF) which stabilises blood sugar, and help keep those hunger cravings under control. If someone has…

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