Finding My Mojo

On Monday I was packing my bags for Maui!  Well I am here and it’s no joke that the training is intensive.  I’ve not yet seen much of the island yet as I’ve been in a classroom for 11 hours a day. So why on earth would I travel half way around the world to…

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Facebook Live Best Practice

Facebook Live

So you want to do Facebook Live?  Are you feeling a little unclear on what you should say?  Do you wonder how to get your viewers engaged?  Can you really get leads and sales just from using Facebook Live? To answer these questions and more, then watch the Facebook Live I did on the topic of…

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DON’T Follow Your Passion – Do This Instead

follow your passion

Do you get fed up of hearing those words “Follow Your Passion”?  Are you still trying to figure it out?  Join the club! When I started this online journey, all I heard was, “you need to follow your passion”. That’s awesome I thought – I have no clue what my passion is.  I’m sure to…

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Time Management? No Sorry – I’m a Mum

Time Management

Are you an entrepreneur and also a busy parent?  Yes? – Me too.   My children are both very young and neither are at school.   The other day I was asked what my methods of time management are….. I replied – I kinda fly by the seat of my pants.      Then I…

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The Entrepreneurial Journey – Going It Alone

Entrepreneurial journey

You decided it’s time to start your Entrepreneurial Journey.  Be self-sufficient. Start blazing the trail.  It’s exciting and you’re over the moon.   But for some reason  your friends and family are not.  They are not excited for you and they don’t support you. It’s not often talked about, but it is probably the most painful…

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Follow Your Intuition – It’s a Game Changer

follow your intuition

Do you follow your intuition ever?  Do you get these crazy idea’s from nowhere – but just dismiss them?  Have you ever actually followed through on a crazy idea and had things work out better than you could have expected? When you follow your intuition, there are several theories as to where these ideas or…

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Digital Economy – Protect Yourself From Economic Disaster

digital economy

Are you worried about the state of our economy? Do Political Referendums and Elections cause you to lose sleep as you worry about the future of the economy and how you will be personally affected? Do you fear for the future economy where your children will be affected? Have you ever considered a safer bet…

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Why Introverts Succeed In Online Business


So, you’re an introvert, and you wonder if an online business is for you…….   Let me tell you why online business is a perfect fit for introverts like you. Firstly though, I want to discuss what introverts are.  What is it that makes you an introvert – how you get your energy – and…

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Integrity – The Core Value


Have you ever wondered what character trait is most important – for me the answer had to be integrity. No matter what, I always try to do the right thing by myself, my family and other people, I certainly gravitate towards people with the same integrity. It doesn’t mean that I always get it right…

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$20K – 7 Weeks

Busy Mum

$20K – 7 Weeks I still can’t quite believe the momentum I have found with this business.  I have just doubled what used to be a part-time annual income in just 7 weeks! I don’t share this with you to brag or to boast. I just really hope that you find inspiration in the fact that…

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