The Turning Point…..

The Turning Point…..

You know, I can remember the exact time I knew I had to make a change to my life and it started with the physical me.

I was buying some new clothes after the birth of my second son, and I nearly cried when I saw what I looked like.  I was the biggest I had ever been, and I was trying on loose clothes (which are so NOT me).   I couldn’t bear to even look at myself, and I knew I could no longer wait around, it was time to make a change.

The first thing I did was enrol in a slimming club, when I was 4 weeks post pregnancy.  I know I’m rubbish at losing weight unless I make myself accountable to other people.  I knew I couldn’t do any kind of excercise until I was 12 weeks PP.   Your muscles are so fragile after pregnancy, and you have to allow time for your stomach muscles to knit back together.

I already knew the workout I was going to do – and I bought it in readiness.  It was the wonderful Sean T and Focus T25.  Having already done the full Insanity workout some years earlier – I knew it would be tough – but I couldn’t go in half heartedly – and this was only a 25 minute workout – it wouldn’t be that tough……. would it?

OMG!  Yes it bloody well was tough!  AND I even modified for half of it!


Before & After


Before & After 2

Well 4.5 months down the line, combining the good eating and the work out – I only went and got back my figure!

This was an incredibly proud moment for me…….. but I still felt unfulfilled with a notion of what now?  I had achieved this great goal in a fairly small amount of time.

The next steps I took became the most profound in shifting my mindset – and I have not looked back since.


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