Step 2 – Dare to Dream BIG

Step 2 – Dare to Dream BIG

Dare you dream big?  Have you got so used to life on a small scale:

  • the 9-5
  • the bills and the debt
  • the housework
  • the daily hamster wheel that is just so much part of your life

that dreaming big – seems preposterous – ridiculous and just plain impossible…………?

But what if………?

What if you dared to think about those things – what if the universe conspired with you and started showing you new ways?  Supposing that dream awakens your subconscious to start noticing that there are opportunities out there? What if you  not only noticed, but took a few small actions towards that dream?  Supposing you did this daily and you realised that in a tiny way you were moving towards that dream instead of remaining still.

Do you know what that dream would look like?  Take out a pen and paper and create a plan for that dream.  Now when I say create a plan – I don’t mean every little detail!  Look at the big plan – what would you like to have?  How much money would you like to earn? Where would you like to live?  What car would you like to drive? etc.

Once you have your list – now ask yourself – why you want those things, and how they will impact your life.

The ultimate plan has to be the dream, a fulfilled life of freedom, time, abundance, happiness and adventure.  Now close your eyes and imagine how it would feel to have all those things – because feeling it is the key.

Don’t worry about the how you will achieve this plan – because it wont be in a way you expect!

Close your eyes for a minute each day picture your scenario, feel how great it is and just ask how – trust me the answers will reveal themselves – it will be a flash of inspiration, an idea or something that caught your eye on a google search – or something will just present itself out of the blue.


A snippet from my vision board. I actually have 5 of those cork boards filled with my dreams.

Create your vision board so you have a daily reminder of all those beautiful things you want to achieve and feel.  Just print off some pictures off the internet that represent the things you would like, and also add some pictures of times when you were really happy, so that you can tap straight into that emotion.

Have fun with it – be as outrageous as you like – – think of the income you would like and add a couple of zero’s on.

PS: If you’re wondering how on earth to fit all this into your routine – please download – Mindfulness Hacks for Busy People



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