Step 3 – No more negativity

Step 3 – No more negativity

One of the other things that had a completely profound effect on my outlook was to ditch the negativity!

I am highly sensitive and I would see awful posts on Facebook about some kind of ww fb post (1)abuse or cruelty somewhere in the world that could upset me for days.  There were also the posts that touted some kind of hate or just the ‘poor me’ posts.  Now I’m not saying you should bury your head, but be selective about who and what you see in your life.  We all know there are terrible things in the world, but choose to see the positive ones instead.

Quit the news – it’s rarely got anything good to report.

Give your newsfeed on Facebook an overhaul.  ‘Unfollow’ anyone – person or page who doesn’t add something to your life.  Start following pages that have lovely positive messages.  It’s amazing how such a small thing can raise your consciousness and just make you feel better about life.  One of the unexpected side effects of this is that you start to see opportunity where there was once misery and you become a better person.

You will find that these small acts will make you more ‘bullet proof’ when it comes to dealing with negative people in the real world.  As long as you handle any situation from a place of love, you will soon find that your interactions with negative people will become less and who knows they may even follow your example.

The law of attraction will dictate that you will soon be finding more like minded people in your life to fill those voids left by the negative people you have let go.

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