What is a Lifestyle Business?

lifestyle business
  • Find Balance - Lifestyle BuisnessA Lifestyle Business is doing something that you love so work doesn’t feel like work.

  • It’s a business where you dictate the terms of when you work and for how long every day.

  • The only way to have an authentic lifestyle business is to understand the online marketing world.


Why does it need to be online?

  •  An online business can be run anywhere in the world and on auto pilot giving you freedom and choice.
  • An online business is the only way to generate a passive income.

Do I have to be a marketing or computer whizz?

  • You do need these skills, but they can be learned and they are a lot easier than you think.

Is it going to cost me money?Embrace the Journey - Lifestyle Business

  • Any business that you are serious about costs money.  But the primary investment is in yourself.
  •  Learning new skills is the most important investment you will ever make, as a skill set cannot be taken away from you. And they are a foundation for any kind of business.

Can I do this even though I have a full time job?

Yes, but you will need to make a commitment to your business to take consistent action on a daily basis.  This is the ONLY way you will grow your lifestyle business to a point that your full time job is no longer needed.

Whether it’s one hour a day or ten, that investment of time will snowball as you learn the skills and start putting them into action.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  No passive income business is completely passive. It requires time, effort and most importantly consistency and commitment in the first couple of years to get to understand your market and your marketing.   Once your tools and marketing strategies are in place, your hours of work will become disproportionate to your income as you will only need to operate on a maintenance basis for a couple of hours a day.

AVOID any ‘businesses’ that offer a completely passive income that only require a sum of cash and no work or input required from yourself, but with promises of a large return .

Enhance your Mindset - Lifestyle business

But how is it a lifestyle business if I have to work a lot of hours?

The key to a lifestyle business is that you have to put the work in for the first couple of years, so that you can enjoy choice and freedom for the rest of your life there after.

When you work the 9-5 you make a commitment to work hard for most of your life so that you can enjoy a few years at the end.  I don’t about you – but refuse to let ‘the system’ dictate the 9-5 way of life for me!

So where do I go from here?

Learn if a Digital Lifestyle Business is really for you!

  • You will learn why there is no better time than now to start your business online
  • You will learn the fundamentals of creating online success
  • You will be shown, by the creators, how a proven, modular, online  marketing training system  will enable your online success
  • You will learn how being part of a like minded community and taking advantage of the knowledge from highly successful mentors is vital to your success
  • You will learn how to obtain ‘high ticket’ affiliate programs – earning up to $1000+ per commission
  • You will get to hear testimonials from the people having great success using this training
  • Please do check it out – you have nothing to lose!

lifestyle business




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  • Craig

    Reply Reply 1st November 2015

    I am in a business already however I battle with the filling systems

    • Karen Richardson

      Reply Reply 2nd November 2015

      Filing and organisation isn’t my strong point either 🙂

  • deborah

    Reply Reply 2nd March 2016

    I have a business and its getting how to actually get customers that has me puzzled!

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