How can I get More Customers on Facebook?

Fishing on Facebook - A Guide for Businesses

Do you run a business?

Then you probably have one question about Facebook:

How can I use Facebook to get more customers?

What you really mean is:

“How can I use Facebook to drive traffic to my website… so I can turn them into customers?

My answer:

First chum the waters. Then add baited hooks.

To understand what I mean, check out the infographic below — and then read the article below that.

In a nutshell, it’s all about getting clicks!

How to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website… and Get MORE Customers

(Great infographic from [eafl id=1521 name=”Post Planner” text=”Post Planner “]

Fishing for Customers on Facebook


The takeaway of this infographic is simple:

If you have a business page on Facebook, then you need to be posting engaging content.

You need to be posting those funny photos, those enticing questions, those tempting fill-in-the-blanks.


Because it gets your fans clicking!

And every time a fan clicks on one of your posts — whether those clicks come in the form of Likes, comments, photo views or shares — that fan is sending a signal to Facebook.

They’re saying:

Hey Facebook, I’m interested in this content!… I’m interested in the page that posted this content. So please… SHOW ME MORE!

The result is Facebook does exactly that. Facebook shows more of your posts to that fan.

And then — if you’re a savvy business — you include plenty of links back to your website in those posts.

You to drop in the baited hooks!

Because let’s be honest here. We’re not on Facebook for the mere pleasures of idle conversation.

As businesses, we’re on Facebook to make more money, to get more customers & to grow our enterprise.


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