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This is me with my first born Jamie at 10 days old 🙂

Having choices is so important in life.  As a work at home mum and entrepreneur, I am so grateful that I have freedom in how I get to spend the hours of my day.

The time is 7.55 pm.  It’s been a long day.  The boys have been in bed for about an hour and I have eaten dinner and had a rather nice glass of red to wind down.  I am now sat in front of my computer – typing this blog, because I  am a work at home mum, and the entrepreneur in me insists that I make some sort of contribution to my business every day.  Today’s contribution is this post.

For the last 10 days my little boys have had pretty bad colds which have meant that my husband and I have been up to them numerous times in the night to sooth them.  Unlike my husband (who can fall back to sleep in milliseconds – apparently its a military thing!) I end up not being able to fall back to sleep because I am listening out for any more problems.

Last night my youngest was physically sick and really distressed – poor mite.

Most of today has been spent cleaning up sick, and cuddling my boys.  Did I mind though? – not one bit.  And you know the nicest part was not having to call into the office to say I needed to stay home to look after my little ones.  To be fair, my manager was always sympathetic – but I always hated that call.

I knew I could catch up with my entrepreneurial duties once the little ones were settled for the night.  I am partially in zombie mode, but after my glass of wine it’s all good!

This is just one of the reasons I love being a work at home mum.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s really tough at times – and I really have to find the will power to contribute to my business after a day like today – but the snuggles totally made up for it.

Being an online entrepreneur just gives me that balance, and peace of mind that I can take my work at my pace, and it can take a back seat if needs be.

I love that I can choose my terms of work.

If you’re a mum or dad and these priorities are important to you – why not check out if an online work at home business is for you?  In the meantime I have another glass of wine beckoning 😉

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