Can Working Mums Really Have it All?

Can Working Mums Really Have it All?

Working Mum’s CAN have it all!  It is absolutely possible to achieve that life / work balance, but what you may have to address is how you define success in your work and family life.

In my 20’s I was the ultimate career girl.  I’d commute to London daily, working my way up the marketing career ladder, thinking every promotion would make me happy.  It didn’t.  Instead, I kept finding myself in a job where I seemed to be less valued and appreciated than the job before.  At 26 I was a ‘successful’ Marketing Manager.  For my age I was on a good salary, owned a lovely flat in suburbia and to the outside world it looked great!  On the inside I hated it.  The work was so demanding – I was so stressed, working long hours, even when I was sick with flu I would get phonecalls from work.

I belonged to an entrepreneurial family with my parents running their own businesses from home – I saw the good times, and I always enjoyed knowing they were at home, when I got in from school, but I also saw the bad times when recession hit, and they nearly lost everything.  My Dad became a cab driver to support us all.  One day we sat  together we worked on a nice marketing letter to the local millionaire belt of houses to help him set up a chauffeuring company.  It WORKED!  Within 2 weeks he had 50 clients and life became easier for them.

A year down the line, I was sat on a beach on holiday in Miami.  I was burnt out from the relentless slog of the so called glamorous life I had.  I watched the waves and at that point decided I was going to leave my job and become a chauffeur with my Dad.  And that’s what I did. For 5 years we ran a highly successful chauffeur company, meeting incredibly interesting people, and although working the most ridiculous hours – I LOVED IT!

However, with me now in my 30’s and married, my Dad nearing retirement we decided it was time to leave the Chauffeuring days behind us and start something new.  The business was sold, and Dad and I remained partners and became professional photographers – with my creative flair and Dad’s passion for photography, this was yet again another successful venture.  During that business we as a family relocated to Wiltshire, I became a Mum and I began to struggle with the workload.  (Photography is far more labour intensive since it became digital – There would be a couple of weeks work after a Wedding!)

I also had a part-time job at a school, it was  a nice security blanket and I did my work and came home – and that felt refreshing.  While my boys were babies it was ideal, but I began to feel undervalued and I knew I had so much more to offer to the world.

I knew I had to start my own business but what?  I wanted to be a work at home mum, but I also knew that working at home didn’t always offer the lifestyle you think it will.  I joined an MLM – which I am still a part of and LOVE!- but I soon realised that if I wanted to elevate my income to the level I wanted with that MLM – my family time would suffer, and that to me was non negotiable.

That’s when I discovered online marketing with the Six Figure Mentors (SFM).  The thing was I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew it had to be online to offer me the flexibility to work when it was convenient for me! The SFM are an online  marketing training platform.  Although I was a marketer of old, the world had moved on a lot since then – back in the day the internet was  fairly new (I’m showing my age now) and social media didn’t exist, so it was safe to say I had no prior knowledge of online marketing and was completely new to the idea of affiliate marketing.

When I saw the SFM back office – I was blown away – the detailed level of training really is incredible and easy to follow, I knew immediately it was a no brainer to start a business with them.

Initially, I have implemented their methods to completely automate my MLM – now I don’t have to go out and do product parties and recruit to make that a profitable business – I have a nice system in place and I just broadcast occasional emails.

Now I am wanting to share this with Mum’s everywhere.

You CAN have it all.  You have to put in the hours to start with (while the kids are in bed) and I am still at that point, but I can see the future is bright and it wont be long before my time to income ratio balance is tipped in favour of income.

So my new definition of success is working at something I really enjoy and that I find fulfilling, that’s on my terms so I can be available to my children all the time they need me.

My next aim is to free up my husband so that he can have more available family time too.

My name is Karen Richardson, I’m a working mum and I really do have it all.

To learn more visit the Six Figure Mentors Website Here – or subscribe for the free 7 day training with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who are my mentors in this business. (Subscribe button at top of page).


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