Unappreciated and Undervalued at Work

Graphic. unappreicated: Definition. - Not recognised as having any value

Have you ever been in a situation where you haven’t been undervalued or unappreciated at work?  Maybe once or twice if you’re lucky.    The corporate world and even local government jobs seem to have moved towards viewing their employees worth only by a £ or $ sign above their head.  How much revenue does this person bring in?  How much are they paid?  Where can we make cut backs?

If this feels all too familiar to you then you’re not alone.

In my own career I can only think of one job where I felt appreciated.   All the others, either took advantage – expected extra hours for no extra pay, played hard ball when I needed an unpaid day off for a special occasion – (despite the fact I had always gone above and beyond with my work).   The many times I worked hard to meet another person’s deadline to receive little or no thanks (and certainly no recognition).

From Unappreciated and Undervalued at Work to Always Appreciated and Valued!

Blimey – I was starting to sound bitter! 🙂   At the time I may have been ( a little) but now I’m thankful.  Thankful because if I didn’t feel that way – I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Working for myself and loving it!  I can tell you I never feel unappreciated, my boss is pretty cool and I occasionally get to take the afternoon off to spend with my kids, have snooze on the sofa or go shopping!  – It seriously rocks!

So if you are reading this article and the scenario at the start of this article sounds all too familiar – what can you do about it?

Well firstly – own it!  You got yourself into that situation – it’s up to you to get out.  Not to yet another company that doesn’t appreciate you though.  Become your own boss.

But I can’t  – I don’t know enough – I don’t know what I would do – I don’t know where I would start……….

If this is what is going through your mind right now, then allow me to guide you through that process:

  1. But I can’t –  (You can!)
  2. I don’t know enough – (There’s a wealth of free information out there – learn)
  3. I don’t know what I would do – (Without a doubt you need to start an online business)
  4. I don’t know where I would start – (Just start – in fact I will point you in the right direction.)

Trust me when I tell you  – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  In fact this was me 6 months ago – and here I am at home at 3pm typing this blog post to help people like you.

Do you want to learn how to start an online business?

Are you prepared to learn new skills and to step out of your comfort zone?

Would you like to stop trading time for money?

Are you prepared to invest the time required to get a new business off the ground while you are working your job – to enable you to eventually quit?

If you answered yes to those questions, then I would like to introduce you to Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who are my mentors who enabled me to do this and could also do the same for you.

If you would like to understand how an online business can impact on your life, please read my article about Lifestyle Business.



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