The Missing Piece of The Law of Attraction

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Have you ever felt that you love everything the Law of Attraction is about but that it doesn’t really work?  It’s really some hocus pocus that’s more based on luck than any kind of judgement.

What if I told you you’re wrong?  Not just wrong that it doesn’t work for you, but wrong in the way it has probably been taught to you.

If the most of your understanding of the Law of Attraction comes from the book or film The Secret, then it’s no real surprise that it’s not working for you.

Whilst the Secret provides a fantastic and exciting introduction, there is no real practical information other than ‘if you dream  / visualise it – it will come’.    Well visualisation is great – it really is!  And it is a key component!  But if all you do is sit on your bum all day long just visualising – I can tell you now – it aint gonna happen!

Visualising gives you fuel, it gives you a destination which is so important for motivation because it is a constant reminder of why you need to move forward even when times are tough.

The missing component?  YOU MUST TAKE ACTION – but listen to the universe – it will guide you.

What might that action be to get you started?

Well it might be:

  • a google search
  • Following up on an idea that resonated with you
  • Meditating daily to make you more receptive to the little signs that will start appearing to you
  • Asking someone you admire and respect – how they became successful
  • To  read that personal growth book – knowing that the insights will inspire you further
  • or it might be just to make a decision to look beyond your current situation

It maybe that you haven’t got a clue where to start – well there’s a few clues in those bullet points!

I did all of those things without realising I was taking action, and suddenly I began to feel more enlightened – and more opportunities started to appear.  For the first time in 8 years (since I found out about the Law of Attraction) I was starting to attract the opportunities that were going to lead me toward the destiny I had painted for myself.

Now I find myself in the Gap.  It sounds negative – but it’s a pretty exciting place to be.

What is the Gap?  I hear you ask

The easiest way to describe the gap is to envision someone who’s lifestyle you would like to achieve – now the only thing that separates where you are now, and where you want to be is time AKA ‘The Gap’.

Once you know where you want to go, and you have found the vehicle (Lifestyle / Passion based business?)  that is going to get you there – the only variable is the route you will take – and  that will determine the amount of time it will take you to arrive at your destination.

Here’s the real secret:  The more action you take, the faster it will be.    Be courageous and put yourself out there.

Fear is anti-action and it will slow you down immensely.  Just keep moving forward in baby steps if necessary, and don’t fear failure.  Embrace it.  Failure is a fallacy – it is merely a lesson to learn from and it will help to steer you in the right direction.  True failure is if you give up on your dream.

So ‘Mind the Gap’ – it requires patience – but it will be worth the journey.

Still not sure where to start? Take action: read this article on a Lifestyle Business – and see your dreams become reality.






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