Mindfulness for Parents and Busy People

Mindfulness for parents and busy people. Title Graphic.

You know you should be doing more for your state of mind, but you have small children or a hectic work schedule and something has to give!  You don’t have time to lay about in the morning feeling grateful and doing all those lovely mindful things.

Have you seen those articles?  You know the ones – the ones that tell us to have a great day you need to complete a whole list of lovely mindful activities before you even get up.  I’ve read them and thought immediately to myself – “the person that wrote this CLEARLY does not have children!!!”.  Feeling slightly disgruntled and disappointed, I move on.

As a crazy busy person with children or work, these things can seem absolutely impossible, when you are already up at stupid o’clock and completely knackered by the end of the day.

I was determined however, to find a way.  And I did.  So I want to share it with you here:

Mindfulness for parents and busy people


Here is the link to the free [eafl id=1704 name=”Zen 12 Meditation” text=”Zen 12 Meditation”]


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