How Do You Find A Great Mentor And Overcome The Overwhelm Of Online Business

Great Mentor

I have been fan of Pat Flynn – with his Smart Passive Income website and Tim Ferriss with his great book the 4 Hour Workweek for quite some time, and if you are aspiring to start an online business – you probably are too.  These guys are great mentors and totally inspiring when it comes to leading the online revolution.

About 8 months ago – I decided – this is what I want to do – I will run an online business and have the lifestyle that these guys have.  The only problem was I needed a mentor and I needed a like minded community.  I needed guidance as to what I needed to do first.  I needed the step by step.

(If you’re not sure why you should be running an online business, I encourage you read this article first.)

I have found in the online business community in general – there is an overwhelming amount of courses available – on which I have spent a lot of money downloaded quite a few and they do have fantastic tutorials, but still I struggled to really understand what I needed to do first.

MentorI needed someone to show me –  a real life mentor.   I had tried reaching out to these people at the top of their game – but lets be honest – they are busy people they get that all the time, so the likelihood of getting a personal mentorship was minimal (unless I was prepared to pay thousands!).

Determined not to be disheartened I carried on my quest and eventually I came across these guys: The Super Affiliate Network

I decided to  check them out.  I had nothing to lose as you could look at the whole system for just $1.

I was intrigued and decided to have a look!  I was so blown away by the level of detail given in the training that for me it was a no brainer to sign up to become a Pro Member.

The initial format is set out in modules giving you a really great foundation on what you need to know, and the ‘how to’ is taken care of in great detail.

On top of the modules there are live webinars – 1 to 1 skype calls with your personal coach, further training (you can choose which areas you want to go into in more depth), but most importantly there is the community of like minded positive people AND real mentors!

Misha Wilson who heads up the operation – gives you a wealth of information.  Misha has had huge success in the online marketing world and he shares with you exactly how he did that.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to check them out the Super Affiliate Network.  Joining them is by far the best decision I have ever made.

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