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If you love your MLM but you’re fed up of making *those* phone calls – then read on:

When I decided to take control of my life and my work situation – I decided that a good Network Marketing / MLM company would be the way forward. They are proven models and you do see a lot of successful people in the business.  I tried to ignore the fact that I really hate making phone calls.  I also never really liked that I had to rely quite heavily on friends and family  to:

a) get my business off the ground and

b) feel obliged to buy from me

Back in April, I found a great MLM – and I love love love the products.  And while all those who are my original customers love the products and I get regular sales from – it was never really enough to make a sustainable business.

I enjoyed doing parties, but not 3 a week and to be honest it was hard work turning out just after you got the kids tucked up – so the novelty wore off quickly.

Then there was recruiting – I realised quite early on I wasn’t cut out for that – team building is hard work and incredibly time consuming – it wasn’t quite the picture that you’re sold on the MLM websites of working a couple of hours a day.

Most MLM’s these days have replicated websites that you can get people to buy your products from and that’s when I decided – I was going to boost my MLM by driving people to my replicated website – and now I’m going to show you how I do it.

(Please note: If you are serious about running a business that is going to make a decent amount of money, you have to be prepared to invest in yourself and in your business.  The internet tools I use have a monthly subscription so you don’t need a huge outlay, and they really do pay for themselves.)

First things first to boost your MLM – you have to build an email list – and you must have list management software to store those emails (it’s no good keeping them in a spreadsheet).

I use Aweber ( , but there are others out there – so do check them out.

Why use email management?  the short answer is ‘automation’.  Once someone opts in to your list, you will have a series of pre-written emails that will:

a) Welcome them

b) talk about your products

c) maybe offer tutorials on how to use your products

The choice is yours….

You will also be able to send out broadcasts when you have special offers or sales on, or a new product launch.

How do you get people onto your list?

This is actually easy for most MLM’s as they are product driven.  Once a month you hold a prize draw / sweepstake.   To enter, people must submit their email (simple!).  Now to do this I used another web tool called ‘Heyo’  (You can get a  [eafl id=1566 name=”Heyo” text=”Free 30 Day Trial with Heyo”]

Heyo – can capture emails whilst simultaneously running a sweepstake or prize draw. When you start using these tools you must follow their instructions to link them together so that the emails collected by Heyo end up in Aweber.  I’m no techie – and I found this very simple to do.

Heyo very simply helps you to create a very attractive design – just using drag and drop.

Here’s what my campaign looked like:

Boost your mlm

Heyo makes it so easy to design. You just drag and drop your pictures and simply add text.


Boost your MLM by Marketing Your Prize Draw

The next step is to market your prize draw to the masses!

There are 2 ways to market – free and paid.  I chose Facebook as my main vehicle, I already had a successful page – and I chose both methods to advertise.   With paid advertising, I spent about £10 on my first ad campaign which generated about 50 leads.  I would say out of 50 leads you can expect about 1-2 new regular paying customers!

(If you have ever advertised on Facebook before you may realise that they are hot on compliance – if you are using Heyo – you don’t have to worry about any of that as they are Facebook compliant).

Obviously the more you advertise the more leads you get the larger your list and the more customers you will generate.

If you are using free methods – prize draws are great for sharing in groups or on your facebook wall and of course on your Facebook page.  Also don’t forget – tweet it, Pin it and pop the link on your Instagram.

FINALLY – What do you send in your emails to boost your MLM?

DO NOT BE OVER SALESY!!  – People will not buy if you constantly try to sell.  Be subtle –  talk about your experiences with the products and why you love them and use them.

Tell them different ways to use your products – maybe demonstration videos- Just always offer value – and then be sure to add your web link in the email.

By boosting my MLM in this way,  I have created time freedom and it is pretty much on auto-pilot, regularly bringing in an income.

Since investing in my MLM business I have not looked back, and I have further invested in my digital education to learn how to create other passive / lifestyle businesses simply by automating the processes involved.



Find Balance with a digital education


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  • Rachel Graham

    Reply Reply 1st April 2016

    Great advice Karen, I work alongside a global network marketing company and I’m always looking for new ways to build my business. I have used Aweber before but didn’t realise know how to attract subscribers and therefore stopped using. Your prize draw is a great idea, I may give that a go!

    • Karen Richardson

      Reply Reply 1st April 2016

      Hey Rachel, glad you liked it. It really is a quick way to build a list of interested potential customers and recruits. I’ve used it to great success. The thing that will set you apart is investing in yourself and the right web tools – and taking action.

      You sound like you have the right mindset.

      Wishing you all the very best.

      Do check out my other online marketing tips. You will find some more nuggets there. 🙂

  • Christine

    Reply Reply 10th April 2016

    Looking forward to learning more Karen!

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