The Truth About Passive Income

The Truth about Passive Income

Have you ever wondered if Passive Income is really true?

Can you really just make money in your sleep?

The Answer is YES….. BUT…….

You’ve all seen *those* business opportunities haven’t you?  Yes you know the ones – “Make $$$$’s of passive income and you don’t have to do a thing – just invest some money!”  Hopefully you have steered well clear of any opportunities that state any such claims.  The truth about passive income is this:  It takes hard work!  

The Truth About Passive Income

The Truth About Passive Income

You need tenacity and strength of character to create a passive income.  It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes some learning and implementing what you’ve learned on a consistent basis.   You need to master and test online marketing strategies and maintain a positive and open mindset.  You must accept the failures as lessons well learned.  You need to make an investment IN YOURSELF to get the online education you need.

And is it ever really a passive income?  No, not really.  You must continue to implement and scale the systems that are working for you.

Here’s the thing though.  You will trade a 2-5 years of your life working hard (or doing the hustle)  to master and implement all you need to start a passive income business.  Once you have a well oiled machine, you can scale back your time and input to a couple of hours a day – or basically choose your schedule.

Because the only way to have a true passive income is to have an online business – the bonus is that you can run this business from anywhere in the world!  This is what we call the laptop lifestyle.

As a Mum of 2 preschoolers – that’s not really practical for me – but already I have more flexibility in my life to fit around my children and my husband and I have a life that doesn’t just consist of flopping into an armchair at night because we are so tired from a traditional day’s work.

So how would a truly flexible lifestyle suit you?  How would it improve your life?

Let’s face it – it’s not so much about the money as it is about the freedom it affords you. And this my friends in the real truth about a ‘Passive Income’

So the truth about passive income is this:

Yes it can be done, but it takes consistent hard work.

Anyone who is prepared to put in some hard work CAN achieve it.


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