Beginners Guide To Online Marketing – Lesson One

Beginners Guide to Online Marketing. Lesson 1 - The Customer's Journey

Do you want to begin marketing online but you don’t know where to start?  Firstly you need to understand a few fundamentals.

This beginners guide to online marketing will will take you through the basic steps of what you need to do to start generating leads and sales online.  

Is your situation one of the following?:

  • I want to start an online business – but I don’t know what to do
  • I currently have a business and I want to improve my sales and bottom line
  • I currently work for a company who want to start online marketing
  • I have a network marketing business and I am tired of product parties and recruiting and I think there must be an easier way.

The good news is that you are in the right place.  The first thing you need to start with is an education and an understanding of the etiquettes involved in today’s online marketing world.

The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

Lesson One – The Customer’s Journey

In this lesson I will be touching on topics where the ‘how to’ will be covered in greater detail in the follow up blog posts.

The primary aim of online marketing is focussing on building relationships with prospects, with an end goal of creating a customer out of them.    In order to do this you must first build an email list.  We will cover how to do this in my next post.  First you must understand why we do this.

In an age where people are bombarded with emails this might seem counter intuitive, but it still the easiest way to connect with people.  Today, social media is so fast moving, that using Facebook pages or Twitter is not an effective way to build an ongoing relationship with potential customers.   You are soon forgotten when the next post comes along.  In addition the  dwindling reach on facebook (estimated at approx. 2% of your likers) means it really is necessary to reach your prospects via email.

In order to obtain someone’s email address,  you want to be offering something of value  to them that they are happy to exchange their email address for.

beginners guide to online marketing lesson 1 customer journey

Beginners Guide to Online Marketing – The Customer’s Journey

This free gift could be an e-book, an entry to a prize draw, a diet plan (if you are in the health industry) or a report, but it must be valuable to your audience.

Once you get an email address, you want to build trust.   To do this, continue to send more useful information for at least 3 more emails before you pitch your product or service to your recipients.

In order to paint a picture (graphic below): imagine  that you are the driver of a car – the idea is that you take your new prospects on a journey with you to build a relationship.  During that journey some will unsubscribe and some will stay.  That’s OK, because you only want people on board who are interested and like you.


The more engaged your prospects are with your emails, the more likely it is that they will convert into customers.

To keep your new customers  after that first sale, continue the relationship to make recurring revenue.

In Lesson Two of the Beginners Guide to Online Marketing, I will cover how to create automate your campaign.


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