Beginners Guide to Online Marketing: Lesson Two

beginners guide to online marketing 2

Are you wondering what lead magnets, lead capture and auto responders are?  If you’re not – you probably should be.

By the end of this Beginners Guide to Online Marketing, you will understand exactly what they are and why they are so important.

The reason we are discussing these now is because we are laying a foundation, so that everything is in place when you start your marketing.

Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

Lead Magnets

The lead magnet is the free gift we discussed in my last blog – ‘The Customer’s Journey’.  (If you haven’t yet read that, then please read it first.)

The Beginners guide to Online Marketing: Lead Magnets and Auto Responders

Now your lead magnet can vary depending on what industry you are in.  If you are in a product industry then a prize draw offering one or some of your products in return for an email address is a great idea!

However, if you offer a service – you may want to provide some kind of report that has information of value.  Perhaps you want to offer a step by step guide, or top 5 tips on how to do something, or even an e-book.

For example – I have two businesses – one is a product led MLM / Network Marketing business and I hold regular prize draws, my other business is showing people how they can create a lifestyle business by harnessing a digital education and for that I offer a [eafl id=1749 name=”Free 7 Day Video Series” text=”Free 7 Day Video Series”]

You really need to put some thought into this as it has to have a perceived value to your prospective customers.

Once you have created your lead magnet, the second thing you must do is create 3 follow up emails that enhance the relationship you now have with your new lead.  The first email will contain your lead magnet and a welcome to your new prospect, it’s important that you don’t hit them with any sales pitch just yet!

The next couple of emails aim at building on your new relationship, by  giving them some more useful information.  At this point you could start to mention a couple of offers, but I would recommend keep those low key – perhaps as a P.S. at the bottom of your email.

Now for the Techie Bit – Lead Capture and Auto Responders

Now you do need use some tech to capture your leads, the chances are you have seen a lead capture page and you have possible entered your email in return for something.  Here is an example:

simple lead capture

One of Many Lead Capture Pages by Simple Lead Capture

You only want to ask for a first name and email – so that typing is kept to a minimum for your prospect.  If you ask for more details – you may put people off.

There are a variety of lead capture programs out there, and you will have to pay a monthly subscription to use them.  I use [eafl id=1901 name=”Simple Lead Capture” text=”Simple Lead Capture”] (pictured above) as lead capture pages are easy to create.  They also offer a 30 Day Free Trial – which is useful if you just want to try it out.

Auto Responders


An auto responder is another web program, that will automatically send out your emails for you.  This is crucial because people do not want to be kept waiting for the fantastic lead magnet that you have created for them.

Again – there are a variety of auto-responders out on the market.  I use one called Aweber – it’s been around a long time and has great rates.  Again Aweber offer a 30 free trial – which is great if you want to try this stuff out!

In my next lesson of the Beginners Guide to Online Marketing, we will be looking at how to attract people to your business by using attraction marketing.

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