Facebook Groups – The Power of Engagement

Do you use Facebook Groups for your business?  Well, you should be, and I’m going to tell you why.

I have recently found Facebook Groups to be one of the most powerful tools for building authority and getting massive engagement.

For a while, it was all about Facebook Pages, but their reach is ever dwindling and is estimated to only reach less than 1% of your ‘likers’ by the end of 2016.  This is unless of course you pay for advertising.  I do pay for ads, but I feel frustrated that all the work I put into my page is not being seen, and have recently wondered if there is any point in having a page other than to run adverts.

With Facebook being one of my favourite places on the internet, I decided to experiment with Facebook Groups to see if I could create good engagement for my business.

With many Facebook Groups constantly getting spammed, and just constantly pushing the sale, it’s no wonder they get a bad name.

So I decided my group would be purely value led.  No offers of selling, just straight forward great advice and value to my niche target market.

I’m getting awesome interaction and engagement, and I am building wonderful relationships with people and I am getting leads and sales.

So what’s my Facebook Group and what am I putting in it?

You can visit my Facebook Group right here:

Facebook Groups

Well, I am mostly leading with Video’s and blog posts.     The video’s are full of great easy to use content really help with relationship  building.  However, it is my blog posts that are enabling people to opt-in to my list if they so wish.

In Facebook Groups, you can reach out and message members (unlike pages) and get their feedback on what they would like to learn. Constantly building that relationship, and creating your authority in whatever niche you have chosen.

The key is to always lead with value.

Who know’s where those relationships will end up, but one thing is for sure – you will either have customers for life or friends for life.

Promoting Your Facebook Group

If you want a specific market of people to populate your group, you can always share your group in other more diverse groups.  However, I prefer a quicker more targetted approach to the people who join.  Although you cannot directly promote a group, you can place a post on your page explaining what your group is about, with the link, and then boost that post to your chosen audience.

I have found this a great way to get the right people and engage with them and the cost per click is pretty low too.

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