Laptop Lifestyle? More like Soft-Play Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder about the Laptop Lifestyle?  Living the dream in beautiful locations around the world?

Got small children?  Then I would imagine the laptop lifestyle seems about as real to you as a holiday on Mars.

The truth is this,  while the laptop lifestyle sounds amazing – it can only really be enjoyed by those who are retired or child-less.

When you have kids – you have to have roots.  So whilst I would love to be sunning myself in some far flung exotic location – their needs are my priority.

So here I am living the softplay lifestyle.

laptop lifestyle

While my kids were off safely enjoying themselves – I got on with some serious business on my iPhone!

Whilst it’s not that glamorous, it’s great to have options available to me that mean I can accommodate the needs of my children.

If they’re sick, I don’t have to make that awkward phonecall to say “I wont make it in”.  I can reschedule my commitments to another day, and just be Mum.

I have an online business and all the technology I need in the palm of my hand.  I can only recommend that people take full advantage of the digital age and go with it.  The great news is you don’t need to be a techno whizz or a genius – and in fact you don’t even need an original idea!

Whether you’re a parent or not – the key to the life you want to lead is flexibility and doing what you want to do – and if you’re in the position to go with the laptop lifestyle then that’s awesome.

For me it’s about the freedom of being there for my children – and the balance it affords me in my everyday life.

I’m grateful every day for my online business!  You can check out what I do here.


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  • Gil Balfas

    Reply Reply 22nd May 2016

    This site is so clear. The message is so clearly explained. I am a parent too and i want more time to be a daddy. I want to subscribe so i get your blogs!

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