Live Your Best Life

live your best life

Do you ever get that wake up call?  That shocking piece of news that shakes you to your core?  The news that makes you send love out into the universe for the people effected?  The news that makes you count your blessings?  The news that makes you realise life is too short – you are not here forever and you have to live your best life?

That happened to me this week.  It was before the terrible Orlando shootings and much closer to home.  I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and had to do a double take at a friends status.  It was announcing the shocking news that a young man, an ex-colleague of mine had died suddenly.

It really hit home, because although I wasn’t close to this chap – I knew his wife – we were pregnant at the same time – and I knew they had a young family much the same age as my boys.

He was 34 and his heart just stopped.

It took my breath away and all I could think about was those he had left behind.

I did a Facebook live with my thoughts – entitled ‘Live your best life’.

Live your best life NOW. Tomorrow is not... Karen Richardson


I had a similar experience when my own husband had a heart attack back in December – but thankfully he is still here to tell the tale.

I reached out the person who had shared this news and asked him how he was.  He was terribly upset.  He was great friends with the chap who died and they had fallen out and hadn’t spoken in two years.  The only thing I could tell him was: ‘The best tribute you can give is to move forward and live your best life’.

It made me think…..  Do I live my best life?

And I felt satisfied, because I felt the answer was yes on all counts.  By working hard to create this work life balance for my family – I really am living my best life.

It’s making me a better mum because I’m there when my children need me.  I’m creating a better future for them and for my husband and I.  I know we can give our children some great experiences.  I’m also helping others to do the same and that is just so good for my soul.  I’m a lot happier – which ultimately means, my family is a lot happier!

So the question is – Are you living your best life?

If you want to know how you can live your best life then please join me.

live your best life

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