Integrity – The Core Value


Have you ever wondered what character trait is most important – for me the answer had to be integrity.

No matter what, I always try to do the right thing by myself, my family and other people, I certainly gravitate towards people with the same integrity.

It doesn’t mean that I always get it right – but it does mean that I try to do the right thing.

In this Facebook live video – I talk about a time when my integrity was questioned….

This is also true in my business.  As an affiliate marketer,  I honestly can only recommend products and services that I have used, I love and that I know really do give great results.

I did belong to another affiliate program, where for 9 months I struggled, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated, and I had spent a lot of money and had very little to show for it.  It got to a point where I questioned my own integrity over promoting it.  So I stopped.  Part of having integrity is to also admit when you were wrong about something.  there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake as long as you learn and you move forward

It was only when I left that particular program did I realise I was not alone with that story, and many others from the same program had the same issues.

It’s no wonder I have shouted from the rooftops about the success I have recently had with The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) – Since joining them 8 weeks ago I have made $23k.

While I am proud of my achievement – I do feel slightly uncomfortable talking about it.  As it does feel a bit crass.  But at last, I have a very genuine and incredible opportunity to share – and that I feel great about sharing.


The thing is – I just want to inspire someone.

My genuine motive is to show people that there is more than one way to create an income- and you don’t need to be stuck in a 9-5 rut.  And I would genuinely like to help you.

If you join me – not only will you get a fantastic coach with SAN, but you will also benefit from my experience as I share only with my team members how I have created extra momentum for my business.

If you want to find out more and join my team – you can do that right here.



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