Why Introverts Succeed In Online Business


So, you’re an introvert, and you wonder if an online business is for you…….   Let me tell you why online business is a perfect fit for introverts like you.

Firstly though, I want to discuss what introverts are.  What is it that makes you an introvert – how you get your energy – and how your energy is drained.

Traditionally, it has been thought that introverts are defined by shyness and a lack of confidence  (If you are shy and experience lack of confidence please go to my article – Confidence Tips from a Shy Girl)  However, this is not the case.  Introverts and Extraverts can be defined with how being amongst people affects their energy levels.

Introverts often find that their energy is drained in social and crowded situations.  They usually like their own company and more intimate settings.  This is not to say that an introvert does not enjoy being around people, but they do find it draining.  An extravert, on the other hand, gains energy from other people and it actually charges them up.

Here is a Facebook Live Video I did on the subject

Now there are always variations to the degree you feel energy – some more than others.

I am an introvert.  And I know that people don’t always believe this of me.  I can go into social settings and I can enjoy it up to a point but my tank then suddenly hits empty and I need to leave and get some space.  I’m thrilled when I have to take a lone car journey for example, as I know I am going to get some quality me time – in fact, I love that. (I have to say the only drawback of an online business is that I don’t get out in my car enough!)

So you’re asking, why is it that introverts can succeed online?

In my opinion,  introverts have an empathic energy which means that they can connect with people’s energy.  This is why we struggle in those social situations.  We can take things to heart, and really feel what other people are feeling – and whether it’s a negative or positive energy, it’s pretty exhausting.

The good news is, this means we can really connect with other people.

The online world allows us to build those relationships through, email, social media and on video, and all of this can all be done from the comfort of our own little sanctuary.

The advent of Periscope and Facebook Live have opened up our world even more, allowing us to connect with people on a whole new level.   These new tools mean that we can build great business relationships without ‘selling’!

Introverts bring an authenticity – they are not generally people pleasers, but this is what people are yearning:  To connect with real people who are not afraid to show their  vulnerabilities rather than those who portray the perfect lifestyle.



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