Follow Your Intuition – It’s a Game Changer

follow your intuition

Do you follow your intuition ever?  Do you get these crazy idea’s from nowhere – but just dismiss them?  Have you ever actually followed through on a crazy idea and had things work out better than you could have expected?

When you follow your intuition, there are several theories as to where these ideas or moments of inspiration come from.

  • Some believe it is your subconscious sending you a message
  • Some believe it comes from our spirit guides
  • Other’s believe it is a higher power, like God or the Universe

(The word inspiration actually means from spirit – or divine influence.)

But no matter where it comes from it seems it is seldom wrong – and can often bring about unexpected results – maybe not immediately but certainly down the road.

Around this time last year, I received a very intuitive urge to do something that others would perceive as crazy and maybe even irresponsible behaviour.

It was in my school secretary job. I was sat at a desk, in an open office, the same desk I had sat at for a number of years – in a job that I was quite happy in (despite some very turbulent times in the past).

Well, I say happy….  I knew my role well, I knew my colleagues well, it was pleasant, but I was by no means stretched – or really appreciated for that matter.  But it was very, very comfortable.

On this particular day, I was sat at my desk – I wasn’t stressed, in fact, it was a particularly pleasant day, and I was feeling peaceful.  I stared at my screen, and it was more of a feeling than a thought – ‘I’m going to resign today’.   Instead of doing whatever task I had lined up – I wrote my resignation letter.

Before I handed it in, I thought I’d better let my husband know my intention and get his blessing – which he was more than happy to give.

I calmly handed my letter over and sent a bit of a shock wave through the office.  Nobody was expecting it, not even me, but I knew in my very core it was right!  I can still remember how right it felt today.

The funny thing was – I had a vague idea of what I would do, but nothing concrete.  At the time, my husband’s business was doing ok, but not ok enough to support us with my income.  But something instinctively told me – “it’s ok, it will work out.”

By the time I received my final pay packet – something amazing happened!  My husband’s business had dramatically picked up and supported us both – and I had discovered the world of affiliate and online marketing, and I was able to put my efforts into that and looking after my children.

While for the first 9 months I had little success, I was on a journey that has lead me to where I am right now.   That journey has equipped me with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, it has allowed me to tap into my intuition frequently and be guided to make the right decision again – and ultimately end up where I am now – and creating incredible wealth for the first time in my life – and more importantly helping others to do the same.

How to Follow Your Intuition

I highly recommend you start meditation.  It just allows inspiration to flow – I actually use  Zen12 brainwave audio, replicating deep meditative brainwave frequencies, so you can do an hours meditation in 12 minutes!  You can get a free copy here.

How to recognise your intuition.  I can only describe my experiences as being more of a feeling than a specific thought.  It feels good and it feels very peaceful.  You have a ‘knowing’ that by taking the action you are being inspired to take – everything will be ok.

Of course, I don’t necessarily recommend that people recklessly go out and quit their jobs – but I know it worked out for me – in fact better than I could ever have imagined!

If you follow your intuition you might find things start to fall into place for you too!

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