The Entrepreneurial Journey – Going It Alone

Entrepreneurial journey

You decided it’s time to start your Entrepreneurial Journey.  Be self-sufficient. Start blazing the trail.  It’s exciting and you’re over the moon.   But for some reason  your friends and family are not.  They are not excited for you and they don’t support you.

It’s not often talked about, but it is probably the most painful experience that we go through on our entrepreneurial journey.

The thing is not everyone is ready for the shift in you.  When you start this journey – it’s like someone has switched the light on inside you and it shines out like a beacon.  You know there is a greatness inside of you and you are ready to show it to the world.    You don’t brag about your exciting new venture – but you tell those closest to you because you’re excited and you want them to show you that they support you, by being happy for you.

The sad reality is they don’t want you to grow – they don’t want you to step outside the comfort zone that you currently share with them, because – well it makes them uncomfortable.

I have been blessed with an entrepreneurial family and husband – so I have always had their love and support.  But I feel sad that some of the people who I classed as close friends are no longer that.  When I’d share my wins on social media, very few would offer words of congratulations, and it hurts.  It hurts deeply when I know the times I have been at their side in a heartbeat when they needed someone.  So I wasn’t needing them – but I did think they might share my joy.

The biggest blow came when my oldest friend ‘unfriended’ me on Facebook.  No explanation.  No message.  :'(

I’ve since realised that I’ve outgrown them.  The things we had in common, no longer bound us.  I no longer took part in gossip or drama.  I no longer wasted my energy on pointless debates.

I didn’t have time for that and I was determined to make my own way.  I wanted to be sure that my family would no longer be dependent on the 9-5 income.  No longer dependent on politics or the economy.   And that movement away from conformity is uncomfortable for many.

I feel sad about it.   I can only hope that one day they will start their entrepreneurial journey and will understand the profound shift it creates in a person.

The Transitional Phase

For a while it feels lonely and you do feel abandoned by the people you thought loved you.  It’s almost tempting to give it up – but you must ALWAYS remember your why.

You’re not alone for long because you meet other entrepreneurs sharing your experiences.  You create new bonds new friendships and a whole new world opens up.  Thanks to social media you can connect with like minded souls on your entrepreneurial journey.   People who are in the same phase of evolution and together you aspire to become better.  You find a level of support like nothing you have known before.  These people not only support you – they lift you up, and inspire you.  And to them I am grateful.

If this story resonates with you at all, and you would like to connect with me – I would be delighted to have you in my circle.  Leave me a comment or contact me.

entrepreneurial journey


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  • Alice Reddy

    Reply Reply 6th July 2016

    This article really resonated with me Karen. It is so sad when that happens, but I like what you said about outgrowing them. It’s true… at some point the paths of life go in different directions and some people don’t want to go down the other path with you, or even hear about it. Whatever the reason, it means it’s time to cut some ties and make some new ones. Ultimately, it’s exciting to move on and have new chapters with new people. Those who are good for us will be with us, no matter which path we take.

  • Tracey Smith

    Reply Reply 6th July 2016

    Thats Sad Karen, Ive known you for quite a few years now and
    like you we are on a journey building our business. Your comments resonate with me, its surprising how few people now keep in touch despite fbk, whatsapp messaging etc – its as if we walked out of their life when we left.
    Keep up the good work – you are doing fantastic x

    • Karen Richardson

      Reply Reply 6th July 2016

      It’s that stepping away from the crowd. But I still know it’s the best move I ever made. At least us lone wolves can form our own pack 😉

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