Time Management? No Sorry – I’m a Mum

Time Management

Are you an entrepreneur and also a busy parent?  Yes? – Me too.   My children are both very young and neither are at school.   The other day I was asked what my methods of time management are…..

I replied – I kinda fly by the seat of my pants.      Then I thought – that’s not strictly true.  But with the unpredictability of having children, I don’t use time management.

Instead, I work smart.

I do have to do lists of things that need to get done around my business, and I fit those in when I can.

However, I do now have one essential part of my business that I do once a week.  This one thing provides me with all the content I need for a week.

What is that thing?

It’s live broadcasting!

You see my single live broadcast usually provides me with enough material for:

  • 3 blog posts / emails.
  • It gives me a video to add to YouTube (which can be edited into smaller videos if necessary).
  • It gives me quotes to use.
  • Training materials for my team.
  • The audio can be used for MP3 or podcasts.
  • If there is lots of value in it – it could be re-purposed as an opt in to generate leads.

The broadcast itself creates a huge interest in me, massive engagement – and is by far the best marketing tool out there!

All the repurposing – is a bonus!  And it can all be outsourced very cheaply using sites like E-lance.com or Fiverr.com

But do you see how powerful it is?  Not only is it creating huge momentum in my business – it’s creating lots of repurposed material for my business.

Time management?  No thanks – I’d rather do live broadcasts and work smart 🙂

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