DON’T Follow Your Passion – Do This Instead

follow your passion

Do you get fed up of hearing those words “Follow Your Passion”?  Are you still trying to figure it out?  Join the club!

When I started this online journey, all I heard was, “you need to follow your passion”.

That’s awesome I thought – I have no clue what my passion is.  I’m sure to some people this will sound weird.  There are people out there who know their passion, they have always known their passion.  As such they are driven towards it and know exactly what to do.  The thing is – it’s not really spoken about – but I think there are a lot more people still trying to figure out what their passion is.

Here is a live sesh I did on the topic – (I’ve edited out the chit chat so you get pure content :))

But, you know what?  That’s ok!  In fact, it’s better than OK, because it affords you a lot of options.

So what direction should you go in?

Well try this for starters; make a list of all the pain points in your life – and make the decision to move AWAY from those instead!

For example; these were mine:

  • A lot of debt
  • A job that I wasn’t in love with
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of choices (due to the Job and the Debt)

Do they sound familiar to you?

So in all this time I was told ‘follow your passion and you will have huge success online’.  It turned out, that as long as I was passionate about moving away from the things in life I was unhappy with – then I would still find success.

I didn’t need to have a core passion – I just needed to want better for myself and my family.

The funny thing is, since not following my passion, I have discovered something I am passionate about…….  And that is helping others to find freedom and balance by not following their passion, but moving away from pain.

So instead of asking you to follow your passion.  I am asking “what’s making you unhappy?”

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