iOS10 – Love or Hate Apple?


Have you upgraded to iOS10 yet?  What do you think?  Are you an apple lover?  Or do you hate everything about Apple and their products?

Whatever your thoughts on Apple, the one thing they do really well is create polarity.

Oh and for the record – I did upgrade my iPhone to iOS10 last night, and I love it!

Sorry 😀 (not sorry).

Here’s the thing there’s no sitting on the fence where Apple is concerned.

It seems that you are either a lifer – and you love Apple, you love their awesome (although slightly pricey) products and you get excited when the new upgrades like iOS10 come out.

Or you hate them.  The fact you have to pay a premium for their products.  The fact that their interface is too simplistic or just because you prefer bananas!

The fact is – their marketing is utter genius and they don’t care that the haters hate, as long as their lifers are happy and continue to buy.

And that, my friend, is key.

When it comes to your personal branding and your opportunity, you would do well to understand (whether love’em or hate’em) Apple’s tactics.

Watch this video where I explain further.

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