How An Online Business Helped Me Find Myself

Find Myself

Looking into the face of another mother – I was haunted.  She reminded me of a woman that used to look back at me in the mirror 2 years ago.  She reminded me how it felt to be completely lost and defeated.  It made me feel so grateful to my business that helped me to find myself.

I remember the feeling vividly.  I was a fairly new Mum.  I had my 2 boys fairly close together, and I loved them more fiercely than I knew possible.   But as much as I loved them, as much as I dearly wanted these two incredible little human beings, I needed more.  I felt tired as every day seemed to merge into the next.  I remembered thinking ‘is this it for me now?’

At a time that I thought should be the most joyful, I didn’t feel joy.  I felt lost.  It was like my life was over and it was all about them.  I never resented it but I longed for more.

Without realising it at the time, I actually started a journey.  To lift my spirits I listened to podcasts which helped with my mindset.  I started to believe I could have more – but what?  At that time I didn’t have a clue.

I had labelled myself the ex-career girl, the ex-entrepreneur – but little did I realise I was far from EX.

In this live broadcast, you can listen to me describe how it felt.

Another 8 months down the line, I discovered the world of online marketing, and I have not looked back.

Fast forward to now, I’m a 6 figure earner, thanks to the support of my husband and family I was able to make a life changing trip to Maui.

But the best bit is this.  I am vibrant and full of energy – and I love spending time with my family.  This journey has made ME a better Mum.

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