3 Reasons You’re Struggling In Your Opportunity

If you’re struggling in your opportunity, there may be many reasons, but often these are the main ones.  So stop being hard on yourself and realise it is extremely common!  Let me help you move onwards and upwards.

In this Facebook live – I go into the reasons why you might be struggling in your opportunity.

Reason 1.  You’ve Set Your Expectations Too High

Often when you are struggling in your opportunity a lot of it is down the expectation level that you have set for yourself.  This isn’t your fault.  Often in opportunities, you are led to believe that you can achieve a lot of money in a short space of time.  Often the level of income or the time it takes is not quantified.

The truth is, yes you can make money online, but no it does not happen quickly.

So let me help you to reset that expectation for you.

To be honest you really can’t expect to see results for at least a year or more.  It is still a good deal if ultimately you can achieve that freedom lifestyle.

Remember, it takes time to learn and to implement new skills.  Then you have to wait for the momentum to build.  But it will build as long as you are taking consistent and persistent action.

Reason 2.  You are Not Taking Action Daily

To get momentum in your business you need to take daily actions.  It might be a blog post, recording a video or live broadcast, sending an email.  Even if you only have 30 mins a day.

Make it count and contribute to your business.  You will soon see that those consistent small actions will soon create huge results.

Plus if you are given a proven system in your opportunity, make sure you follow it! 🙂

Reason 3. You’re Focusing on the Wrong Thing

When I started out I did this too.  What is it?  It’s the money.

It’s perfectly natural for that to be the case when you start off in a business opportunity.  It’s all about the money! But I found the most profound shift came, when I shifted my focus to relationships.

When you start to build relationships people get to know you, and they begin to like and trust you.

This has been the single most profound shift for me and my business.  I now use Facebook live to really help with relationship building.  It allows you to be real and put yourself out there so others can find you.

Make sure you check out my recent live video in this blog post where I dive deeply into this topic.

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