Why I Wish I had a HELO When I Was Pregnant


When I was pregnant I experienced low blood pressure which I really knew nothing about until after I had passed out.

Not really ideal, as I was working throughout my pregnancy and driving!  (Although my lovely husband soon put a stop to that – but it was difficult to get lifts when he was working).

If I was aware that my blood pressure was dropping then I could have taken preventative measures.  But it wasn’t really convenient to take my blood pressure every 5 minutes…

Fast forward 5 years and the incredible digital revolution that we are in, and actually it is possible to measure my blood pressure every 5 minutes (not that I need it right now).

Because there is now the HELO.  The HELO is the much coveted device that can monitor all aspects of your health.

You see a Helo gives you all the info about your body’s status, including:
Body & Physical
Blood Pressure
Heart Rate
Breath Rate
Steps, Distance & Calories
Sleep Quality Monitor
SoS / Panic ButtonLifestyle

WOW!  Right?   All this from a HELO, which is like a fitness wrist band on steroids.

This device is life changing for those who experience any kind of unwanted fluctuations in their body’s vital functions.

It will give peace of mind for those with elderly parents, because the HELO will alert loved ones if something is wrong with their readings.

There is a panic button on the side of the HELO if there are any issues, and it gives a GPS location as to where that person is at the time of pressing the button.

There is more to come too – and great news for diabetics as there will also be blood sugar readings very soon!

You really should check out this incredible device if any of this resonates in anyway.



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