HELO Can Help People With Heart Conditions

heart conditions

If you have loved ones with heart conditions, you understand the worry connected with that.  Hoping that they will be ok when they are not with you.  Worrying that they might over-exert themselves (particularly children who do not fully understand the seriousness of their condition).

Just imagine if you could keep them monitored and get alerted to any irregularities in their vital statistics – and also know exactly where they are if you get an alert.  Would that give you more peace of mind?

About 13 months ago, my 42 year old husband was experiencing chest pain, vomiting and he was pale and clammy…  I knew enough to see that these symptoms were synonymous of a heart attack.  We called the ambulance and sure enough he was taken to the nearest heart hospital for treatment.

Thankfully he lives to tell the tale and I was home with him, but what if he was out driving?  Or on his own somewhere… What if….?

In 2015, my Dad underwent major heart surgery, it was pure blind luck that it was found he had an issue with his heart, that needed immediate medical attention.  The issue he had was a very leaky valve and basically a time bomb that would have killed him instantly had it erupted.

After his heart operation he had a huge pulmonary embolism the size of a tennis ball that he was lucky to survive…  see his full story here, and how the HELO helps him:

Thankfully both my husband, Dad and my Mum wear a HELO (Health and Lifestyle Oracle) so I can have peace of mind that they are ok, and I will be alerted if they are not.

What is a HELO?

The HELO is a wristband that takes vital statistics – Heart Rate, Breath Rate and Blood Pressure at whatever intervals you set it for. These readings are transferred via bluetooth to the HELO app on your smart device.

If there are any irregularities in those readings an SOS message is sent out to your chosen contacts via text and email.

If concerned at any time, the wearer can take an ECG reading, just using the wristband and associated app.

heart conditions

This is just the start.  The HELO has many other attributes too, but for peace of mind for those who have loved ones with heart conditions – those vital statistic readings are the most important.

Click here to learn more about the HELO and how it can make a difference to your life.



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  • Ken Hart

    Reply Reply 14th January 2017

    It not only monitors my health but has inproved my circulation because of the germaniun and himalayan salt plates in the wristband.

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