Robert Kiyosaki – Why Savers Are Losers

Robert Kiyosaki
  • The wealthy use Gold to protect their assets.  Check out this short video clip of Robert Kiyosaki who explains why.

A Message from “The Sage Grandad”.

Is Robert Kiyosake right?  Are savers losers?  I think this will confirm his statement.

We would all love to continue our retirement in relative luxury taking holidays and generally living well.

The issues I have raised here, are based on difficulties that I have experienced as a 73-year-old grandad and have made me consider the fact that I am not alone in my predicament.

Many of you out there must be facing or will face similar problems as you travel through your working life and into retirement.

I have found a genuine solution which will certainly help my future retirement and I want to share this with you all.

Here we go.


Why help the rich get richer?

When you make pension premium payments each month, the money you pay is building up over a period of years.

This is dead money to you as you have no access to it until retirement age.

What do you think is happening to this money?

Well – it’s being invested by fund managers – yes rich folk who as well as building your fund are making a pile for themselves with your savings.

Yes – it’s the rich getting richer at your expense.

Pensions are a form of saving to support you through your retirement, which pays out in currencies that are devaluing year on year.

Remember, we are living a lot longer now.

Why not – instead of feeding the fat cats, you use a different form of saving.

Yes – you can purchase GOLD in small increments.

Think about this.

  • Unlike currency, GOLD increases in value year on year.
  • You can access your GOLD savings whenever you need them.
  • They are not tied to a specific retirement date.

Here’s a great opportunity for you.

The Only Shiny Object You Should Consider.

For my marketing savvy friends, you can take a free space in our affiliate network Yes FREE! to build a team of your own and enjoy a residual income selling GOLD.

You are of course not obliged to follow my suggestions, but I hope you that will give serious consideration to them, this could be the answer you need.

Let’s consider this for a moment.

What have I been saying here?

  • You are building a nest egg, by saving GOLD.
  • You are building an affiliate team to sell GOLD.
  • Your team will be building their own teams.
  • Your residual income is increasing as this team building perpetuates.

Bloody Hell – What have we got here?

We have a lump sum in savings – We have a residual income – both will see us through retirement.

Why let the few fat cat fund managers make a huge profit, when, in my opinion, the main ethos in the affiliate marketplace is helping others to succeed, so let’s share our knowledge and share the wealth.

Saving GOLD the FAQs Click Here.

A great legacy for generations to come!!!!.

Assuming we don’t spend all of our savings but have had a great time trying, we can pass this down to future generations.

Apart from your savings, your residual income is a business, willable to your children and grandchildren.

A Perpetual Pension.

It’s Win Win.

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