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Depression the Black Dog

Combating Depression – My Way

Today, I am following up on my Prostate Awareness Blog and talk about Depression – The Black Dog.

In my blog about Prostate Cancer, I told you how lucky I thought I was, as without that diagnosis and the following operation, I would never have known about my serious heart condition.

heart conditionsWell – here goes.

I had a successful cardiac procedure in early March 2015.  (If you have cardiac issues this is a must for you).

At the end of May 2015, my wife and I were taking a break on the coast in Sussex near Chichester.

While walking my dog Tehya along the beech, I collapsed, any more than 2 paces and I couldn’t breathe.

Well – it was a 999 and hospital for me, I had a barrage of tests that afternoon including bloods and x rays, and about 10pm a consultant came to my bed and told me all tests were negative and I would have one other test the following day.

Next day I am wheeled down to radiography for an MRI which involved dye being pumped into my blood stream.

later the same afternoon the consultant visited me and gave me the bad news, I had what could have been, fatally massive blood clots on both lungs.

I was admitted for 8 days whilst they got my bloods under control, with those horrible injections in my stomach every night and they were measuring the amount of warfarin I should now take for 6 months to disperse the clots.

After my 8 days in the hospital in Chichester, we went home to Wiltshire where two days later I went to out local Tesco supermarket for my wife and after I had parked the car I got out and immediately collapsed again.

Another 999 and ambulance to our local hospital in Bath.


Apparently, my heart was irregular, a lot of this was caused by the amount of medication I was on following my cardiac surgery, plus the blood thinning I was on, I was released after another 6 days.

I had a tough time, I  had side effects from the warfarin, whereby all of my joints ached as though you had permanent flu symptoms.

I came off the warfarin in late November that year and although I was relatively well my fitness levels were terrible, I couldn’t even tie my boot laces without being extremely breathless.

In January 2016 I went to see my cardiac consultant who following a load of tests, told me my heart was now working perfectly well and I should now have an additional 10 or more years on my life span.

I informed him about my extreme breathlessness he told me it could take around 2 years to get my lungs functioning well again and then not a full return and this is why I do strenuous walks on Salisbury Plain every day with my dog. I’m glad I have a white dog.

I mentioned to him that I was very hypertensive with a constant feeling of pressure in my upper chest leading to bouts of anxiety, and and he suggested I visit my GP as he felt that I was depressed.


Well Guys and Gals – on top of Prostate Cancer, another taboo subject no one wants to talk about, depression, and this time affecting both genders.

I had a chat with my wife and both of us agreed, my consultant had hit the nail on the head so to speak.

The one thing I did not do, was go to my GP, I hate taking drugs and had had enough with everything to do with my heart and lungs, this was the last thing, to go and take more pills.

My cure was simple, I needed to do something to stimulate me, get the old grey matter working.

I have worked continuously throughout my working life and into retirement, it was only my ill health that had taken that away from me. (see our blog, about Ken and Karen).

My Solution.

This is how I worked it out. My lovely daughter Karen had started an internet marketing business, otherwise called the lap top lifestyle, which in her case allowed her with two young children, to be there for them.

Having chatted with Karen, I took over her business accounts, something that in Karen’s world, did not exist. When it comes to that side of her business, she is bloody hopeless. although a brilliant marketer.

This was early 2016, later in the August of that year, Karen attended an intensive course in her business in Maui, Hawaii.

This is when I became more involved with helping her with various aspects of marketing.

There was another issue for my depression, up until my illness, I had always done something to bring home the bacon as it is extremely difficult to live on our government pension, my private pension plan was cut short after redundancy in 1994, this is an issue that I am only now beginning to resolve, and will talk about in my next blog.

Anyway, I digress, this was my cure for depression and although mine was mild compared to some people, it is an awful feeling.

This is something that is not talked about but is swept under the carpet and one of the best things for me was being involved, doing something that I found stimulating.

I had spent my entire working life on the road, meeting and talking to my customers and this is a huge hole in my life that has been filled by internet marketing speaking and helping like minded around the world.

Ken “The Sage Grandad” Hart

P.S. Talk to someone, I was lucky not to have had a severe depression, it helps to talk.

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