Surviving Retirement – Our Solution

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Surviving retirement – Our solution.

One of the biggest issues we have today is being able to survive retirement.

Why is this?

With advances in medical science improving year on year, most of us are surviving 20 to 30 years from our retirement age.

What’s the problem with this?

From my own history, the pension schemes that we used to save for our retirement were not geared for people surviving this length of time.

The issue being, the paper currency these schemes are paying us with is devaluing rapidly and the longer we live, the purchasing power of our savings is diminishing.

Currency devaluation is caused by governments printing increasing amounts of bank notes to cover their backsides when they get further into debt.

currency devaluation

There are other problems with this form of savings, when you enter a pension scheme, the premiums you pay are tied up until the predetermined retirement date.


What’s wrong with this?

Life throws many curved balls at you, whether it be illness, injury or redundancy.

Any of these events can be disastrous when and if they occur, in trying to support yourself and your family.

The savings paid into pension schemes are dead money to you, only available on your retirement age.

Furthermore,  if you are unable to continue to make the premium payments, your target pension will be much reduced.

The solution.

Our new product solves all of the above mentioned issues.

  • Living longer.
  • Devaluing currency.
  • Money tied up until retirement age.
  • What happens if disaster strikes.

There is just one commodity that has held it’s value over thousands of years.

Yes, GOLD, 999.9% pure GOLD can now be purchased in small weekly or monthly increments as though saving in a pension scheme.



GOLD will hold it’s value, which means that as currencies devalue the purchasing power of GOLD increases.

Saving GOLD is not tied to a retirement date, you can access your savings if disaster strikes.

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing, not so in my case, this was not available to me during my working life.

How about this for an innovation, next month, we will be able to access our GOLD savings with a smart phone App.

Karatbars – The FAQs Click Here

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In my previous blog, I told you about due diligence and the fact that this product is for savers and affiliate marketers alike.

We have a “done for you” system to get you off to a flying start.

Already to go, then get your free place in the system right here, right now.

What have I been saying here?

– You are building an accessible nest egg, by saving GOLD.
– You are building an affiliate team to sell GOLD.
– Your team will be building their own teams.
– Your residual income is increasing as this team building perpetuates.

What have we got here?

We have an accessible lump sum in savings – we have a residual income – both will see us through retirement.

Why let the few fat cat fund managers make a huge profit, let’s share it amongst ourselves.

A great legacy for generations to come!!!!.

Assuming we don’t spend all of our savings but have had a great time trying, we can pass this down to future generations.

Apart from your savings, your residual income is a business, Willable to your children and grandchildren.

A perpetual pension.

**It’s Win Win.**

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my journey through life and into retirement.


Ken “The Sage Grandad”
Ken & Karen, the father daughter dynamic duo, here to help you.

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