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Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

in my series of “Sage Grandad” blogs on our wealth-and-wellness.com website. I talked about wellness, both the physical and financial.

I dealt with surviving long retirement periods on conventional pension schemes and how the devaluation of paper money would lose it’s value over a 20 to 30 year period.

In this article, I am addressing our physical wellness and staying as fit as possible to enjoy a long healthy retirement.

They tell us that prevention is better than cure and being forewarned is forearmed, I am living proof of this.

Just to briefly go back to the subject of my first 2 “Sage Grandad” blogs, if it wasn’t for my cancer, they would not have found my serious cardiac issues as I was totally asymptomatic.

In my last article I said I would share with you the second product that we wanted to bring to market, a wonderful piece of wearable technology that would give you warning signs of impending health issues.

Let me Introduce, HELO The Health & Lifestyle Oracle.

HELO Wristband

To ensure a long healthy lifetime, wouldn’t it be great if we had warning of an impending life threatening illness?

If this happened, you could send out an SOS to alert loved ones to get you some life saving assistance.

OK here goes – The only wearable technology you should buy. Yes, it’s the HELO which stands for The Health and Lifestyle Oracle.

It’s the only piece of wearable technology that will measure your :-

▪ Steps

▪ Energy Levels

▪ Mood

▪ Heart Rate

▪ Breath Rate

▪ Blood Pressure

▪ Perform an ECG

▪ Send SOS

▪ Monitor the health of your loved ones

A Software update later this year will include these measurements.

▪ Blood Oxygen

▪ Blood Alcohol

▪ Blood Sugar

▪ Mosquito Shield

It’s genius – right?

How do I know it works?

So here’s the thing, I have done the due diligence – and I can tell you that all is good with this.

As a 73 year old who has gone through cardiac surgery, followed by a bilateral pulmonary embolism, I wear a HELO not only for my peace of mind, but also for the peace of mind of my family.

I have certainly tried and tested every aspect of this fantastic device, developed by Antonio De Rosa the designer of Apple watch and the latest iPhones, who now works for Wor(l)d, the innovators of HELO.

I have been using HELO for 6 months, it would be selfish of me not to share these benefits with you.

The HELO is also able to enhance blood flow, it comes with Titanium Plates embedded with Germanium. This has 2 beneficial effects, the first is a shield against electro smog, see our article.

The most impressive thing as far as I am concerned is the improvement in blood flow to your extremities.

Every winter, when out in the cold weather walking my dog, I experience extremely painful fingers, this is the first year I have been able to go without hand warmers to prevent the pain that I was experiencing.

HELO has a huge future, imagine those millions of diabetics out there, who would love to have a non invasive blood test, this will be here soon with a software update in a few months, see here

Wor(l)d, the innovators of the HELO Launch their App Store

HELO App Store

Heres a great opportunity for both customers who just want the HELO for the protection of themselves and their family, also the affiliate and MLM marketers out there who would like to earn a living by promoting and selling the HELO’

In my previous blog, I told you about due diligence and the fact that this product is for users and affiliate marketers alike.

We have a “done for you” system to get you off to a flying start.

What have we got here?

A device that protects and forewarns.

A great business opportunity, providing residual income.

A residual income is a business, Willable to your children and grandchildren.

**It’s Win Win.**

Want to now more, click here.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my journey through life and into retirement.


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