Know, Like, Trust – Why it’s Important to do Videos

know like trust

Know, Like, Trust – The Attractive Character.

Nothing new about know like trust folks, this ethos has been used for hundreds of years.

Think about it, why do you go to a particular shop, hairdresser, and many other local services.

It’s because you know, like and trust their products or the service they provide to you.

From my own working life as a field service engineer, your customers are pleased to see you, you are there to solve their problems.

How do Internet Marketers Become Known, Liked and Trusted?

Producing videos is so important, it doesn’t really matter whether your video is live or prerecorded, so long as you present yourself as a real person.

This so important when you are in the internet marketing world?

The people you are selling to are buying blind, because in most cases they have never seen or heard of you.

There are a lot of scams out there, and If potential customers have never seen you, it’s difficult for them to make that buying decision.

Relationship building is so important, if you want to make progress in this field.

Introduce yourself using video on your website, in your blogs, talk about the core subject in a brief video, with YouTube or Vimeo you can put links in your emails, do webinars.

If you are knowledgeable about setting up the tools used in internet marketing, you can make videos instructing those having difficulty with their website or autoresponder for example,

Internet marketers on the whole are a self help community and are only too pleased to assist a fellow marketer.

Become familiar to your audience.

You don’t need sophisticated equipment, I use my smart phone or the built in cam on my laptop.

If you have a fear of doing videos, there are places to publish your shows on Facebook groups, where you will only find encouragement and useful hints.

When you record videos, just be yourself and talk about subjects that are close to your heart or issues that piss you off.

Get to know your audience, not by pushing a product or service to them, do it just by being yourself.

Never worry about perfection, people know you are real when you make a mistake, nobody is perfect.

I hope those of you out there find this instructive and helpful in promoting you on-line business.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my journey through life and into retirement.


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