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Just because I am taking a couple of weeks away from home, I have not stopped turning out blog posts.

I have just had a rant on FaceBook about the sick bastards, that perpetrated the atrocity on children and their parents in Manchester.

I find it unbelievable that anyone could even contemplate doing something like this.

If I go back to my childhood, Adolf Hitler was doing exactly the same, with the indiscriminate bombing of our towns and cities.

When I was a baby our home was bomb damaged twice while we were in it.

Back then and now they never broke the spirit of the British people.

These moronic maniacs will never win.

Our Great Britain.

Brexit will give us greater security in taking back control of our borders.

We will always be European, but never members of the broken EU dictatorship.  This corrupt gravy train with jobs for the boys is costing our nation a huge amount of taxation that can be better spent on our own infrastructure.

We will return to making our own rules and regulations.

The European Court of so-called human rights will no longer be able to overturn the rulings of our British Crown Courts.

If we want to deport foreign criminals, we will be able to without the interference of the EU.

The unelected assholes that run the EU are pissed of with us and want to impose import-export tariffs on us.

How’s that going to work? 90% of our imports come from Europe, can you imagine how German car manufacturers and French and Italian wine producers will react if we impose tariffs on the import of their products.

There is a big wide world out there for us to trade with and plenty of other producers of cars and wine to name jus a few products that we import.

Thank god we stayed away from the Euro, how long can that currency survive?



I was reading a fascinating article yesterday, about White Diesel, What is white Diesel?

How much longer will we be using fossil fuels now that renewable energy is taking hold?

The biggest problem for renewable energy is how can we store it?

The answer is advancing battery technology – Lithium is the new White Diesel.

Perhaps this will stop the western powers protecting their interests in fossil fuels in the world’s trouble spots.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my rant


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