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Update from Bracklesham Bay.

Hi Guys,

Here’s a little update from our holiday hideaway in Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex.

I made a short video here for you.

We’ve had mixed weather here including thunderstorms, heavy rain and beautiful sunshine.

Apart from doing a bit of shopping to keep us fed we are having a relaxing time together.

I have occupied myself with putting together a couple of blog posts, this being the third, while Margaret has enjoyed her jigsaw puzzles.

Great Hopes for Brexit.

The news this week has been uneventful, unlike last weeks atrocity, we are back now to repetitive election campaigns.

Next week Margaret and I will be involved in the vote counting all night on Thursday/Friday.

A nice little earner when you are retired.

I do hope we get a clear leader so that Brexit can proceed without interference from the PC brigade.

Back to Business.

I am looking forward with Karen to get our latest product launched on-line as I feel for people like me with a financial struggle in their retirement.

Like every business, it will take time to grow and develop.

So many people these days expect a fast return for little investment in time and effort, I’m afraid they need to get real.

Having been in business since 1978 most folk, including family think you are rolling in it, little do they know that you work many hours every day of the week, working for yourself is not a 9 to 5 job.

The internet community is a delight, so many out there willing to help you succeed.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog

Ken “The Sage Grandad”
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