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Who is Ken Hart – The Sage Grandad

Well, I know that I am the proud, irritated, astounded and quite amazed father of the awesome Karen Richardson for a start.

Born December 1943 during WW2, following my Dad’s return home wounded. I am a pre-baby boomer, who got married to Karen’s mother Margaret almost 50 years ago come September 2017.

I left school age 15 without formal qualifications and still have no certificates, who needs them if you can learn from life and on the job as you travel through life.

I did office jobs, was a messenger in the City of London, service engineer for franking machines, photocopiers, and scientific instruments.

The Entrepreneur finds his first opportunity.

In the April of 1978, I started my first business and have worked for myself ever since through 4 businesses and running the office of a Swiss company in the UK from 1990 until redundancy in 1994.

Then became a Taxi Driver, had an Executive Car Hire business and did Wedding & Portrait Photography, right up until 2014.

My health took a dive, through prostate cancer to cardiac surgery and then blood clots in both lungs over a two-year period, all of which took their toll on me because of my inability to continue to function as before.

Karen was involved in our last 2 businesses, then started her family, she wanted to have the freedom to be there for her children and took the bold decision to give up her job as a school secretary and start her journey in internet marketing.

What is the Laptop Lifestyle?

The Laptop Lifestyle is usually portrayed as being situated on a tropical beach with your computer when in most cases it means freedom to work around your current circumstances, and this is exactly where Karen was coming from back in 2015 when she took a massive leap of faith.

It took a while before she found the right opportunity for her.

In 2016 as I was coming through depression caused by successive illness, I wanted to do something to exercise my brain and took on Karen’s accounts for her, which lead me into becoming her business partner.

Karen had spent her early employment years in marketing jobs in London and had a flair for it. She has now developed her skills on to fit internet affiliate marketing with great success by joining The Super Affiliate Network.

The skills learned here have allowed her to set up her own products. Now that I have joined her, I also wanted to bring my own products out with a passion for helping people with health and financial issues.

Internet Marketing – My Arrival.

The thing I love about this business is the willingness of all involved to help each other succeed and the wonderful friendships we have made in doing so.

The planet is such a small place in this digital world and although we constantly speak to each other with Skype and face time, we have met only a few of these lovely people in person. 

This journey is giving me back my purpose in life and something to look forward to being involved in every day.

Our entrepreneurial spirit seems to have passed down, as well as Karen succeeding in her business, my son Richard travels the globe for major companies in his events management business, he lives in Cyprus with his Russian wife Anna and their son Alex.

Embracing Change.

This is a brief history of my entrepreneurial journey and how in business, we must evolve, keep up with technology and current marketing techniques, in order to keep abreast of the times in which we live.

Why’s an Old Guy Doing Internet Marketing?

Well, I’m a 73 old, on a pension that’s no longer supporting my wife and I.

Inflation or the devaluation of our currency (same thing), has drastically reduced the spending power of our pensions.

We needed to earn money in other ways.

Having spent most of my working life in the sales and service of scientific instruments, I would only consider marketing products that I have full confidence in.

To this end Karen and I have selected two products to bring to market, we have done due diligence on these products and consider them ideal for us to sell to our customers.

These products deal with health, both physical and financial.

You are never too old to learn.

If you have a computer and an internet connection, the world is your oyster.

Take a look at these links for more information.

Our Projects Karatbars and HELO

Want to learn how? Contact us, we have the answers.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Ken “The Sage Grandad”
Ken & Karen, the father-daughter dynamic duo, here to help you.

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