Chronic Inflammation and Pain Gone Forever

chronic inflammation

If you suffer with any chronic inflammation or pain, you need to read this article.

Chronic inflammation makes you miserable – it makes you a prisoner in your own body!

I have an found a solution that can set you free.

You see we actually hold the cure to chronic inflammation in our bodies – all we have to do is help our bodies heal themselves – and now it’s way easier than you think.

Today, I’m going to share with you how my husband is now free from over 10 years of misery.

But before we start here’s some things you need to know.

It is absolutely essential that you feed your body with the right nutrients – but don’t lose interest here.  I’m not about to tell you that you have to eat a massively restrictive diet or that you have to make a massive lifestyle change.

If you have chronic inflammation, I’m sure you are well aware that sugar and refined carbs, dairy, gluten, red meat etc are a major factor in the cause of inflammation.

And while it’s good to moderate these as much as possible, cutting them out completely is not what you want to hear and it feels confining.  Plus if you’re a foodie like me – the thought of it is downright miserable!

That’s why we need to have a chat!

You see I’m all for a healthy lifestyle, but I’m also all for joy and part of that sometimes includes indulging in things like pasta, chocolate, chips and ice cream (not all at the same time though… 😉 )

Let me share with you the story of my Husband – Simon, who suffers with a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis.


You see he has gone from taking pain medication to being completely drug free – without a huge change in diet or lifestyle!

Simon was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis over 10 years ago.  It’s caused by a rogue gene which causes the immune system to attack itself – thus triggering chronic inflammation and pain.

It is hereditary.  There is no cure as such – but it can be managed.

The symptoms are far and wide, basically anything that can be triggered by inflammation.

His symptoms have included:

  • Arthritis of the spine
  • Kyphosis of the spine (curvature, much like scoliosis)
  • Iritis – inflammation of the eyeballs
  • General inflammation of muscles causing much pain
  • Sciatica
  • And the most worrying is Cardiomyopathy – chronic inflammation of the tissues around the heart – causing symptoms of a heart attack – the worst case scenario is death!

Not everyone with Ankylosing Spondylitis experiences the same symptoms though, there are a whole catalogue of inflammatory responses that can occur.

So you understand why it’s important for Simon keep his inflammation under control.

ankylosing spondylitisHe was on strong anti inflammatories that were basically rotting the lining of his stomach, which meant he needed more drugs to prevent that from happening.

He would experience debilitating ‘flare-ups’ which would give him huge amounts of pain for which he would need MORE medication – just to function.

As my life partner and father to our 2 little boys – I was worried as to how this terrible condition would pan out in years to come.  How would it effect Simon’s quality of life?

I cannot even express how grateful and relieved I have been to find a natural and kind solution for Simon.  I know that he is not only going to be free of pain – but he will experience extraordinary health as a side effect!!

Ankylosing Spondylitis can do one!

Simon will no longer be a prisoner to it.

And you don’t need to be suffering any chronic pain either!

So what the heck is he doing?

OK, I’ll tell you.

It all starts with seeds!

I’m not even joking!  These little power houses are one of natures best kept secrets.  Seeds have 20-30 times the nutrients of the plant or the fruit that they come from.

That’s why I was so delighted to come across the product SOUL.

Soul is packed with these nutrient dense little powerhouses – and is specifically formulated to tackle inflammation.

Sceptical at first, we tried one box (with a full money back – empty box guarantee if it didn’t work!)  So it was a no brainer.

I had seen testimonials from people making full recoveries from fibromyalgia, diabetes and even cancer!

Did we dare to believe it could work?  Well there was only one way to find out.

And sure enough like many of the testimonials (I have added a few below) Simon started feeling the benefit.

He started out taking 2 a day and after just 3 days he was off of his pain medication.  3 months later he is still off the meds!

Check out more astonishing testimonials here in this 90 second video


The thing is; modern day stresses, diet and environmental conditions have led to chronic inflammation that means it’s impossible for the body to carry out all the functions it needs to.  Thus we end up with dis-ease.

It’s not that this little packet of nutrient dense goodness was curing these chronic inflammatory diseases.  Soul gives the body the nutrients it needs to heal itself….

You can learn more about Soul and it’s parent company Rain here. 

chronic inflammation




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