On-Line Opportunities, Get Rich Quick or Scam?


How do you see On-Line Opportunities?

There are scams of course, but if you are selective, there are some great opportunities out there.  The one thing people must recognise is that there is no such thing as a get rich scheme.

The good online companies out there will all require time and effort to help you develop your skills first.  You will then need the investment of time and money spent on marketing to promote and build your business.

It doesn’t matter if the opportunity is an MLM or Affiliate business, they are businesses and most businesses will require time and effort to become profitable, the same as any other business.

Affiliate businesses are probably the best platform to learn about internet marketing.  The right company will give you the education and the tools so that you will be able to sell any product online whether educational or more tangible products.

Opportunities… How do I Start? Who will help me?

How do you start? Research is important, do you know anyone who works online, are you using social media?

Good affiliate companies are a community where people are always willing to help you through your education.  Setting up your website and the tools that will drive customers to your business.  I would go as far to say, in my experience, they are a family.

As an Entrepreneur, are you willing to put in time and effort to become successful?

Don’t give up the 9 to 5 until you are a successful marketer, use your income to fuel your online business until it flourishes.

If times are difficult, think about paying yourself first.  What do I mean by that?

You will need money to fuel your internet business,  make some economies.  Those little things like going to Starbucks on a regular basis, frivolous things you buy without thinking all add up to your next advertising run, bringing in those prospects to your new business.

What advantage does an internet have over most other businesses?


Absolutely right, it’s global, the world is your oyster.

How many other businesses have such a large marketing pool to fish from?

Your customer base is massive, there are billions of email addresses, millions of people on social media.

The education you get will teach you how to fish this immence pool.

Ask Yourself Why your Why is Important?

Is it future security for your family, a lifestyle you are able to afford in modern times with inflation running at record levels, reducing the spending power of your income?

Is it to have greater freedom to travel to far off places?

Are you retired and need to boost your income as your pension is no longer stretching far enough to live in the comfort you have been accustomed to?

What does the laptop lifestyle mean to you?


Most companies portray the laptop lifestyle as being able to live on a permanent vacation, in most cases, this is not true.

My daughter became involved in internet marketing two years ago, she made this decision following the birth of her second child, the laptop lifestyle to her was to be there for her children, this was her why at the time.

Just to clarify some of my comments above about finding the right opportunity.

My daughter spent more than a year and spent several thousand dollars before she found a company that provided the best and most profitable online education to set you up as a proficient internet marketer.

The main reason for me in writing this blog is to help others wanting to start their own online business, to guide them so that they don’t spend a fortune trying to find the best opportunities out there, avoiding the scams, and have a better start.

My Why.

Retirement my way

My why is as a 73-year-old, my pension is not stretching.

With improvements in medical science and an awareness about healthy lifestyles, people are living 20 to 30 years from the time they retire. Pension schemes were not geared to supporting pensioners for such long periods, this together with currency devaluation is making life very difficult for us.

I will have been married 50 years this year and wanted to take a cruise with my wife to celebrate this milestone.  We will be doing this a little later now.

I have joined my daughter in internet marketing, I fully intend for us to have a comfortable retirement without financial worries.

Do you want the Laptop Lifestyle?


If you who are reading this blog want any advice on how and where to go to start your own online business, please feel free to contact us, details below.

My daughter’s success in affiliate marketing has lead us to find and sell tangible products online concerning health, both physical and financial.

We are here to help you. If you want to find out about our online education and products, please contact us.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Ken “The Sage Grandad”
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