Will you have a Comfortable Retirement?


What will retirement hold for you?


I ask this question as a 73-year-old, 8 years into my retirement and finding it hard to survive financially.

My private pension was impeded when redundancy hit me and as a result, my main income is from our small government pension scheme.

I was told recently, that following cardiac surgery, my operation would extend my life by at least 10 years.

Because of medical science and our knowledge of living healthier lifestyles, people are living 20 to 30 years beyond their retirement date.

This is the reason governments are extending our working lives, they are unable to cope with the expense of paying pensions for extended periods.

Private pensions are also in the same boat as they rely on investments and interest rates which are at an all time low.

With private pension schemes, the fund managers that have possession of your hard earned money are the only ones who will survive an extended pension with their cut of your pension investments.

Why are we struggling?

Currencies are constantly devaluing, which means your purchasing power is diminishing and because we are living longer, this situation can only become more precarious.

Another issue with pension schemes is that your money is tied up, you have no access to it until the agreed retirement date, so ask yourselves, what if:-

  • I am made redundant.
  • I am disabled and unable to continue with my job.
  • I become ill and am unable to continue to work.

Pensions are a form of savings, how else can I save and secure my retirement?

Can I save for my future and have access to my funds whenever I need them?

Is there another way we can protect the future of our families?

Yes, there is.

Use your currency to buy gold in small increments.

While your currency is declining your gold is increasing in value.

How do we do this?

Let me introduce you to Karatbars International. CEO Mr. Harald Seiz is a visionary who has introduced a way for the man on the street to be able to purchase small amounts of gold on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Depending on your circumstances, just as if you were paying pension premiums.

The gold is 24 carat 999.9% pure and is LBMA approved.

Direct access to your gold savings can be via debit card or smartphone app anytime you need to withdraw funds or pay for goods.

If you wish to recommend Karatbars to family or friends, you can become an affiliate and earn commission from your recommendations.

Should your colleagues wish to join you in protecting their future, they too will have the option of just saving or becoming an affiliate on your team.

Check out this Video.

Why limit yourselves to selling to friends and family.

There is a big world out there, we can tell you how to reach a global market.

If you are working 9-5 and find it difficult to stretch your income or are made redundant, become ill or are disabled and can use a computer with an internet connection, this is a way to earn yourself an additional residual income.

We have developed an automated online sales system, which will be a great aid to those not only new to internet marketing as well as those who have been struggling with complex online marketing systems.

Contact us to find out more about our sales system.

GOLD The Only Shiny Object. Check out this link for more information about Karatbars.

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