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How did we manage before the internet?

When I first stuck my toe in to working for myself in April 1978, marketing was a whole different ball game.

As an Instrument engineer working in the servicing of scientific instruments in laboratories throughout the UK, our first form of advertising was putting our company label on every instrument we serviced.

List building came from postal addresses generated by magazine advertising and trade exhibitions, all followed up by postal mail shots.

This form of marketing was not only expensive, but extremely time consuming.

Half page advertisements were £500 and small exhibition stands were anything from £3,000.

All of these activities took you away from your core business.

I remember as a small business the whole family sitting around the dining room table stuffing envelopes for mail shots, a 10,000 run could cost you £2,000 postage.

When I hear of people in today’s online businesses complain about business costs, it makes me laugh.

When my servicing business was at it’s height, I had 5 service engineers on the payroll, they all had company cars and expenses accounts.

Can you imagine the running costs of 5 cars, fuel, service, tyres, insurance and not forgetting salaries and expenses.

Marketing Post Internet.

With the internet the world is your oyster.  Since the year 2,000 I have worked in 3 businesses with my daughter Karen.

Our first business was in executive chauffeur car hire, we serviced a millionaire post/zip code south of London.

This was the first instance for us where the internet was a huge aid, not only in promoting, but in the everyday running of our business.

Our website enabled the personal assistants of our clients to book cars, also entering all of their flight details as 90% of our work was to and from airports.

The flight information enabled us to offer an enhanced service by booking cars at the client’s destination airports, we did this by setting up an affiliate network of drivers world wide.  This was before UBER and smart phones.

We sold the car business as a going concern in 2005 with the intention of moving out of London for a peaceful retirement.

We invested the proceeds into a wedding & portrait photography business, which we carried on until 2013 when Karen started her family and I had a few years of bad health.

It was Karen who investigated internet marketing to give her the freedom to work from home to be there for her children.

Following my recovery in 2016, I joined her in looking after her back office, to start with doing her accounts then becoming more involved and going through her training bootcamp.

Internet Marketing Today.

Just this year, Karen has been masterminding with her on-line team members, they have been working on a core system that will serve all of the internet products they handle, whether in affiliate marketing, or bringing products from the traditional warm MLM market place to a much wider audience.

When I look at my previous comments above about marketing costs, how can folk complain about a system that costs just $54 per month? A system that has all the bells and whistles required to launch any product on-line. An affiliate system whereby you can earn by promoting it. It pays for itself and contributes to your Ad Campaigns.


It doesn’t matter if your business is bricks and mortar or on-line, whether you choose to market by using to social media or take the email marketing route, it’s a multifunctional system. Check it out.

The Power Lead System (PLS).

It gets better. The Power Lead System not only promotes your primary product, it also promotes itself at the same time every time you run an ad.  Even more bang for your buck.

For those of you just starting out, PLS has a basic FREE LEAD platform that upgrades through it’s one time $7 fee to the Lead Lightning system whereby, if you up-sell Lead Lightning you earn $6 for every sale. Check the FREE LEAD website here.

Once confident with Lead Lightning, for maximum access to the PLS system, upgrade to Gold membership.

The Products PLS Promotes for us.

The Super Affiliate Network (SAN), Education & Skills.

Karen’s big online breakthrough was with the Super Affiliate Network where the education and mentorship are superb, if you are looking for high ticket sales and have the aptitude to learn all about internet marketing, this is the place for you.

Rain Soul, Health & Wellness.

This product is an addition to your diet, a health giving seed based nutrition that has many benefits, click the highlighted text to view The Website.

Wor(l)d HELO, Health Technology.

The next product to do with health, is a piece of wearable technology that monitors your health and the health of your loved ones, click the highlighted text for The Website. Watch the video and sign in to find out more.

Karatbars, Wealth Protection.

The third product is to aid your future wealth, ensuring you of a happy carefree retirement, a form of saving that does not rely on interest rates or risky investments or tie your money up in pension schemes.

This is a product that will allow you to hive away the profits of your other income streams, keeping it free from international banking, knowing that when you need it, it is always available to you. We have an Introductory Video and a Free Sign up for this amazing product, check out the highlighted links.

Rain Soul Seeds, HELO and Karatbars, are only available for purchase on the internet and you have two options for all of these.  Buy these products for your own use.

Buy these products to use and to become an affiliate earning commission from them.

Our Vision.

Automated central system (PLS).

Education & Skills (SAN).

Health & Wellness (Soul Seeds).

Health technology (HELO).

Wealth protection (Karatbars).

Imagine being able to pass this system on to your teams and each team generation passing this on to the next generation, a perpetual business accelerator.

Our Mission, To Help You Towards a Secure Future

I wrote this blog for those of you who need help to provide a good living for their family, at the same time saving for their retirement, also for those who are already pensioners wanting to ensure a secure, carefree, healthy and wealthy retirement.

Training and Mentorship.


We understand, that these on-line marketing systems can be daunting to newcomers in this market place, causing overwhelm, which is why we have put together our own training videos to walk you through your initial start up.

As a group we are keen to get you started as soon as possible, so that you are able to start earning and contributing to your own sales budget and we are there to talk you through any difficulty you may experience.

Remember, all that you learn here can be passed down to your teams as you build up your business, you will become mentor to newcomers that sign up with you.

Moving Forward.

Assuming you want to take up my suggestions here, I want to assure you that we are a group who are happy to train and mentor you throughout your online journey for a successful business.

A business is something that can be passed on to future generations as well as supporting you through a long and healthy working life and retirement.

To help you further, take a look at our website and read our blogs, Wealth and Wellness is jointly owned by Karen and me, we both contribute articles.

Karen has her Crush it with Karen website that is full of tutorials and training for your online journey.

For more mentoring and mindset training join our facebook group the 50k Club


Credit to the masterminds behind our group:- Karen Richardson & Sean Moloney.


None of these products are get rich quick schemes, they do not exist. They are businesses that need your investment in education, time and money, nothing is for free.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Ken “The Sage Grandad”
Ken & Karen, the father-daughter dynamic duo, here to help you.

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