Ken Karen

Ken and Karen are a Father Daughter team who have chosen to promote the best products for health & wealth out there.

From online education to health products, Ken Hart and Karen Richardson have carefully picked what products they recommend.

Meet Ken

Who is Ken Hart?

Well, I know that I am the proud, irritated, astounded and quite amazed father of the awesome Karen Richardson for a start.

Born 1943 during WW2 a pre baby boomer, who got married to Karen’s mother Margaret almost 50 years ago come September 2017.

I left school age 15 without a formal qualification and still have no certificates, who needs them if you can learn from life and on the job as you travel through life.

My main hobby is Genealogy, family research and have now over 23,000 names in our family tree as I have left the legacy of their history to our 4 grandchildren, having also researched the families of our son and daughters in law. 

When Margaret and I met at the Orchid Ballroom in the January of 1964, who knew what was ahead of us.

We got engaged on Margaret’s 18th birthday in May 1965 and then we really started to work hard in order to save and put a deposit down our first house, we both had our full time jobs and 2 part time jobs each, me, I worked as a jointer for the electricity company and when I finished my day job went to our local DIY store as a delivery driver 4 afternoons and all day Saturday and Margaret was a secretary with the local council full time, then working in a woman’s fashion store all day Saturday and took in typing work for her uncles company in the evenings, we only saw each other on Wednesday evenings and Saturday evening to Sunday evenings.

We purchased our first house just before our marriage, In 1971 our son Richard was born followed by Karen in 1973.

In 1978 an opportunity presented itself and in the April of that year, we started our first business which we only closed 2 years ago. the business was servicing scientific instruments throughout the UK and supplying the consumables, most of these instruments were analogue and were slowly replaced by the digital age, we had an agency with a Swiss company involved in laboratory robotics and did so well, a UK subsidiary was set up and I ran this while Margaret continued with our original business.

In early 1994, 4 major pharmaceutical companies merged and ceased purchasing capital equipment for almost two years and we lost 80% of our turnover over night, the consequence being the Swiss closed the UK office and I had to find a new job as the income from our original business was insufficient.

I ended up taxi driving until 1999 when I saw an opening in a local millionaire post code where there was no decent executive car business so I got Karen to obtain the electoral roll for that area and sent a 1000 mail shot out and within 2 weeks had amassed 50 clients, a year after starting this business Karen was made redundant and joined me, this was our first joint venture. 

We turned this into an international service by setting up a web site where the personal assistants to theses senior clients could book cars and by specifying the flight details we would also book cars for them at their destinations by setting up our own affiliate network.

in 2005 I was nearing retirement age and wanted to slow down and move away from London so we sold this business and moved to Wiltshire soon to be followed by Karen.

We invested the proceeds of the business sale into equipping ourselves to start a wedding and portrait photography business which both Karen and I enjoyed.

about 4 years ago Karen started her family and around the same time my health took a dive and after a couple of operations, I made a slow recovery and now have joined Karen in her on-line business and off we go again with our new products.

The thing I love about this business is the willingness of all involved the help each other succeed and the wonderful friendships we have made in doing so.

The planet is such a small place in this digital world and although we constantly speak to each other with Skype and face time we have met only a few of these lovely people in person.

My family is growing because of this amazing business and I now have at least 3 more surrogate daughters now.

This journey is giving me back my purpose in life and something to look forward to being involved in every day.

Our entrepreneurial spirit seems to have passed down, as well as Karen succeeding in her business, Richard travels the globe for major companies in his events management business, he lives in Cyprus with his Russian wife Anna and their son Alex.

Ken Karen

Meet Karen

Who is Karen?

Well, it is a question I ask myself quite a lot!

I have spent many years of my life fitting in with other people’s perceptions of who I should be – I lost who I actually was, and it only on this journey of my online business have I truly discovered who I am.

I consider myself to be a spiritual entrepreneur.  What exactly does that mean?  It means that I do my best to be authentic and only partake in businesses that align with my values.

As an online affiliate marketer, it is extremely important to me that I only recommend products and services that I wholeheartedly endorse and use myself.  I believe in great ethics, good value and high quality and everything I recommend will tick all 3 of those boxes in my opinion (and my standards are very high).

Who is Karen Richardson on a personal level?  I am a mum to two little boys – neither of whom are at school yet – so to say I have my hands full is an understatement.
Who is Karen RichardsonI’m dead lucky to have probably the most tolerant, caring and tidy husband – Simon who loves ironing! (Yes it’s true – it’s not the main reason I married him – but it came pretty close to the top!)

I’m 42 years old (which made me a ‘geriatric’ mother according to the medical profession when I was preggers!!), actually let me correct that – I’m 42 years young.  Back track 2 years, I felt my age plus another 40.  I was having a pretty hard time dealing with two even littler boys then AND what I know now was post natal depression.  I was over-weight, and I felt just terrible – I hated what I saw in the mirror, I was irritable and angry at my children (the little people I had tried so long to finally conceive) and I just felt ….. worthless.  Yep! Worthless about summed it up.

Since Simon and I got married we started trying for children, and the five years leading up to this point was all about children, trying to get pregnant, having miscarriages, being pregnant, having baby, falling pregnant again (within a year), getting broken rib with 2nd pregnancy (pain worse than childbirth), having second baby – being Mummy to two crazy adorable boys and……..  losing myself somewhere in the process.

I had always had a career prior to the whole baby scene – I was a marketer – I love marketing and it still very much defines who I am today.  But during this time I took a job as a school secretary and it was my security blanket – no pressure – the job was a doddle and I effectively switched off my brain, so I could deal with all the emotional roller coasters happening at that time.

I realised that I had to rediscover myself – and this blog is very much about just that.  I will be sharing my journey back to me (or who I think is me) and how I got back to a healthy weight, and how that has ultimately brought me on a journey of wellness.  I have now found my worth and I have decided that I also need to find a balance of wealth and wellness.  I truly believe the 2 go hand in hand – and it is with determination I will find the balance that will give me the time to spend with my family and the income I am deserving of.

The journey I have been on – is something anyone can do – and I hope you will follow this blog to find out what I did to get myself to this place of being self employed – working when it is convenient for me – and keeping myself whole in mind, body and spirit.

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