Marketing your Business Today

How did we manage before the internet? When I first stuck my toe in to working for myself in April 1978, marketing was a whole different ball game. As an Instrument engineer working in the servicing of scientific instruments in laboratories throughout the UK, our first form of advertising was putting our company label on…

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Should We Learn From History?

What Has History Taught Us? I am certain we should look back to enable us to our history in order to look forward, learning from the mistakes made long ago. Being able to observe the past we can learn so much, not only about ourselves and our historical backgrounds but to learn lessons from those…

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Have you Future-Proofed Yourselves?


  Is your Life future-proofed?   Is your retirement future-proofed? Hi, My name is Ken Hart, I am known in my blog posts and Facebook page as The Sage Grandad. It is my mission as a retiree struggling to live on a small pension to help others who are either already pensioners and those wanting…

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I Shrunk My Brian Tumour with Nutrition

Check out this incredible testimonial of how Temple Swift shrunk her brain tumor with Pure Seed Nutrition!   To learn more about the miraculous Rain products: Soul and Core, click here:

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Chronic Inflammation and Pain Gone Forever

chronic inflammation

If you suffer with any chronic inflammation or pain, you need to read this article. Chronic inflammation makes you miserable – it makes you a prisoner in your own body! I have an found a solution that can set you free. You see we actually hold the cure to chronic inflammation in our bodies –…

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Who is Ken Hart? – Why Internet Marketing

Ken Hart

Who is Ken Hart – The Sage Grandad Well, I know that I am the proud, irritated, astounded and quite amazed father of the awesome Karen Richardson for a start. Born December 1943 during WW2, following my Dad’s return home wounded. I am a pre-baby boomer, who got married to Karen’s mother Margaret almost 50…

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The Election is over – Forget the Doom and Gloom


The Election is done! Meanwhile the world still turns…… So, Theresa May took bad advice in calling a general election. All is not lost, Theresa still has the upper hand to get on with Brexit, give it a couple of years and we can stop paying exorbitant amounts to prop up the failing EU (The…

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Work Longer – Retirement Later – No Thank You

Hard Retirement

Who wants to work until 70? It won’t be long before the government has to legislate for a retirement age of 70. The Reason. We are all living much longer, so many more of us are living into our 90s. The government can’t afford to pay for us for that length of time. Some of…

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Update from Bracklesham Bay – From the Sage Grandad


Update from Bracklesham Bay. Hi Guys, Here’s a little update from our holiday hideaway in Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex. I made a short video here for you. We’ve had mixed weather here including thunderstorms, heavy rain and beautiful sunshine. Apart from doing a bit of shopping to keep us fed we are having a relaxing…

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Know, Like, Trust – Why it’s Important to do Videos

know like trust

Know, Like, Trust – The Attractive Character. Nothing new about know like trust folks, this ethos has been used for hundreds of years. Think about it, why do you go to a particular shop, hairdresser, and many other local services. It’s because you know, like and trust their products or the service they provide to…

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